It’s all over the news – and almost everywhere. The announcement of the new Alexa Ranking system is probably one of the hottest news in the whole of blogosphere. And it did rocked the boat and created a loud noise.

It created what is aptly called an “Alexa boom and bang!” effect. Why? For the obvious reasons that most blogs’ Alexa ranks were affected, mostly bringing down the rankings of these sites.

A quick information for newbies and people who are not familiar with Alexa ranking.

While others are not after Alexa ranking, more sites, mostly blog sites, have been working hard to earn a good Alexa rank. The smaller your rank number, the better is your site in terms of reach and hits. Alexa popularity is now a standard in getting the most favorable advertising rates from prospect advertisers. The higher is your Alexa rank, the higher the advertising rates you can command. Because it means you get lots of visitors and page views to your site.

Alexa screen imageBut this new ranking system from Alexa is what most people have been asking for a long time, since Alexa started its ranking system in 1998. So what was wrong with the old ranking system then? While Alexa in its announcement does not agree that the previous ranking system was a bit flawed in some sense, they now consider more data sources to measure a site’s traffic popularity other than just based on internet users who installed the Alexa toolbar. As stated in their website, “The new rankings should better reflect the interests and surfing habits of the broader population of Web users.

How does the new Alexa Ranking system affects blog (and in particular)?


Most webmasters and bloggers noticed a change in their site’s/blog’s Alexa ranking on April 16th 2008, and then Alexa confirmed through their site announcement that they have rolled out a new ranking system indeed. A quick search at the Alexa website, I noticed a big drop of some of my fellow bloggistas’ (blogger friends) Alexa Rank. Most of these bloggers’ Alexa Ranks were under 100K – a goal which is aiming to reach by the 5th month of blogging, however, with the new ranking system, most were down by 50K to as high as 100K, hitting back to the 150k to 200K Alexa rank.’s Alexa Rank prior to the new ranking system was at 182K. And it did dropped to 195,973 after that. How do I see it? Not much, in fact, I must say that for several weeks now, I have been quite successful in getting more organic hits to Bloggista. Traffic to is now at 50% from search engines, 15% Stumbleupon, 15% Entrecard and the remaining 20% from other sources such as partner sites and regular non-entrecard visitors. So the new system may have not affected my Alexa rank as much as it affects others.

A number of other ‘well established’ blogs as well did not experienced that much ‘change’, thanks to their solid traffic hits from loyal visitors and subscribers, as well as organic hits from search engines. These are the kind of hits and traffic generation that should be able to achieve – and it require lots of hardwork and creativity.

How does the new Alexa Rank system affects your blog’s ranking? Did it brought your site’s rank down or improved your rank instead? By how much?

Your comments will be greatly appreciated. 🙂