bubbles_fish-red[Note: This was an entry to the Infolinks global writing contest “Review Infolinks and Win a Google Nexus One” and won second prize, a Wii.]

It’s been a while I shared an article about making money online, especially in monetizing and increasing blog income. Affiliate marketing was something very interesting and that’s where I spent most of my time when I’m online.

If you are a regular Bloggista.com follower, aside of course from the poorly written articles and total disregard of the correct use of the English language (can we vote to change the international language to Filipino? LOL), I always make sure that before I share something to my readers, I know it by heart and have tried it.

So now is the time to share to you another source of revenue stream for this blog and in my other websites.

If you are a regular “lurker” to this blog, you probably have noticed lately those double-underlined green links which pop a bubble containing some information related to the word or phrase when you hover your mouse.

These information bubbles contain “contextual ads” from Infolinks, a popular in-text advertising provider. I have been an Infolinks publisher for quiet sometime now. I saw it on my blogging friends’ sites, so I immediately signed up.

The sign-up process was quick indeed. But I did not care to spend even a little time activating it on this blog.

It took a comment from a dude named Oren Cohen on my Christmas 2009 Message post for me to take action and try installing Infolinks on Bloggista.com (later I found out that Oren Cohen is the Director for Strategic Alliances at Infolinks).

And I am so glad I did! After installing the tiny piece of codes, those weird-looking double-underlined green hyperlinks started to appear a few hours later. Actually, there is an option to change it to just single underline, and make it red or blue or brown – but I preferred the color green, they looked cool to the eyes.

Seeing those hyperlinks in the posts really catch some worthwhile attention – just like that picture of a man with a toilet bowl on his head at ThirdWorldGeek’s blog. This is probably one of the reasons why Infolinks is becoming the highest paying In-text advertising solution provider to many website/blogs owners.

I responded to Oren in his comment that I will try it for a month and see how it performs. And indeed it performed very well. The revenue even rivals that of Google Adsense, and in many occasions, even exceeding expectations.

In less than a month, my revenue on Bloggista.com in terms of “contextual ads” served doubled.

So if you are looking for additional revenue stream on your blog that works, you can try Infolinks as well. They pay monthly if you reach the minimum US$100 revenue each month. They pay via Paypal, or by check.

Oh, by the way, I am expecting my first Infolinks payment on the 15th of February, 2010. Hehe.

Want to know more about the Infolinks bubble? Check out the following wacky video compiled from different Infolinks publishers like me (too bad, I am camera shy so I did not sent them mine.)