elmot-lumotElmot Lumot might not sound just like a problogger to somebody, but it sounds interesting enough – especially once you get to hop around his blogs.

With a number of blogs under his sleeve, you might end up wondering how he manages to find time updating all those blogs regularly. He writes for his socio-political blog at PinoySoundingBoard.com and still has the time to write for his online news blog over at animotivation.blogspot.com.

Of course, there’s his Filipino poetry blog at gaudenciodiaz.blogspot.com, and a blog to post cool videos that he occasionally finds at onlinevideohub.blogspot.com. For those who want the latest showbiz gossips, head on over to showbizrenegade.com, also maintained by this young blogger.

Yeah, that’s quite a lot.

Known in the blogosphere as Elmot Lumot, Gerson Garcia aka Gerald Anderson (don’t blame me for this – he actually wrote it down) was born in Malabon and eventually moved to her mother’s hometown in Bacolod City due to the frequent flooding in their place.

He graduated as the class valedictorian in elementary, and the ‘cutest in class’ from St. Joseph’s High School. (Again, Elmot wrote this so I cannot really be 100% sure of this cute remark…)

He then moved on to Accountancy in the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod. Then one day he saw a miracle in the sky – as if the voices were telling him to enter the seminary and become a priest. Well it turned out he was just hallucinating that time. There were no voices – just a grumbling hungry stomach.

He entered the La Salette Seminary in Silang, Cavite, and finished his collegiate studies. But he was kicked out after three years for being a renegade who seems to love voicing out his opinions.

The renegade Elmot started as a lurker around Bloggista.com and Bloggista.net, as well as Jaypeeonline.net. Around 2007, he then started Ani-Mo! under Blogspot which was pretty much a repository of just about anything he could think of.

He went back to revive his blog in 2009 when he had a ‘commenting contest’ with Jan Geronimo in JaypeeOnline.net. The two became good blogging friends, and his list of buddies through blogs just eventually grew.

Jaypee was then so generous to help him create a self-hosted WordPress blog, so pinoysoundingboard.com was born.

He currently doesn’t have any exact blogging plans but he would certainly love to increase his blogs’ popularity, rankings, daily visits and active communities. And of course, to earn some damn cash!

When asked about some words that he would love to give to newbie and pro bloggers, he gave this:

Advice? Don’t be twitter noob, that is first. Second, if you want to be an uber blogger, more so a blogging magnate, read bloggista.com and hunt its elusive, secretive and chick-magnet author; and third, just blog man! You will not become a bloggista overnight, persistence, community and humor is the key.

Bloggista.com note: Would have wanted to edit this advice from Elmot, however it will be tantamount to censureship. So I just left it there as-is. LOL…


Our 8th featured blogger is Bloggista’s stalker in my early days of blogging and at one time sent me a dangerous email and note “warning” me that he’s the cutest bloggista.com fan ever. He went on doing the thing he loves to do – giving politicians and public figures some nightmares with his razor-sharp ala ninja shuriken commentaries and opinions.

Now he’s moved on, showed everyone his writing prowess and realized that everything posted at bloggista.com is a waste of his time and have established his blog-dom well enough he’s getting more and more fans each day. Now I am a fan as well and is planning to run for President of his Elmot Lumot fans club. May god help us.  ^evil-grin^.

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