This post is inspired by Karlonia, truly one of my most admired bloggers (that I stumbled upon through Entrecard). I have learned a Karlonia.comlot from him. It was through Karl that I learned about search engine optimization and some of its basic techniques. At first I thought he was a she, but a quick google search reveals this information about this great blogger: “My name is Karl Erfurt, administrator of, the world’s first (and only, as far as I know) Libertarian Internet Marketing Blog.”

Karl runs a post every Sunday that he calls Sunday Search Queries. It is an SEO post technique discussing about the popular search queries that ultimately landed on his blog. So much about this time, I promised to myself I am going to make a review of his blog soon.

search engines logoFor over three months now, this blog has consistently generated hits from various search engines (as of last 4 weeks, 50% of my traffic came from search engine queries) and below are some of the popular search terms and keywords used that invited those precious traffic:

free blog sites making money – this has been a consistent hits generator and ranks among the top 5 search. Although its placement with Google is inconsistent, it still made some nice traffic contribution.


bloggista – a top 3 keyword (based on my WordPress dashboard stats. Surprisingly, a considerable number of people are actually typing this keyword on search engines. When I got this domain name, I thought I was lucky and can optimize this domain name as a keyword for blogging. Now is the time for me to learn SEO and take advantage of the potential of this domain name.

online cpm rates – this one also generates traffic consistently. There is not a single day that this search query missed a hit on this blog. Thus I need to make a follow up post and a refined and thorough study on CPM rates.

Bloggista stats chart bar exam passers – a post on the recent Philippine Bar Examination results generated my biggest all-time traffic which made the previous daily hits almost insignificant on my dashboard traffic chart. Now I understand why some bloggers post these kind of results on their blogs. Very clever!

pinay sex scandal photo –  this is part of the SEO experiment for the keywords pinay sex scandals, pinay sex videos and pinay scandal. True enough, hits were generated from these keywords – every single day.

These are the top query search keywords featured for now. I am sure every blogger have their own keyword strategies and are definitely generating traffics way way higher than mine, but for newbie bloggers like me, there is indeed hope and room for us in blogosphere, as long as we strive to learn the even the basics of search engines optimization techniques. Only a matter of time that we are able to make our own share of the pie – and as Karlonia puts it, learn and stamp out ignorance.

How about you? How much traffic you are generating from search engine queries? What are your top keywords? I know for some bloggers, keywords are like secret ingredients, thus sharing it with others is just a stupid idea. But for those new to blogging and those who are about to start a blog, this information will be very helpful.