Nah, it’s too early for an April fools’ act. So what’s with the headline anyway? It has been more than a month since I posted my last entry here – excuses are not accepted I know. Some more important stuffs have to be done first offline.

It doesn’t mean however that my online friends and visitors and readers (?) are not that important, it’s just that I need to prioritize some things first – especially enjoying the time away from blogging, leveling up in Mafia Wars and trying to beat Ceblogger and ThirdWorldGeek on Ninja Warz (lol).

Some of my friends were totally surprised when I posted on Facebook and Twitter that is for Sale – after several weeks of absence online, I decided to share what was lurking inside my thoughts – and announced that this dear domain of mine is up for sale.

The truth is – is the best thing that happened to me in recent years, specifically, in the last two years of my life. Through this domain, it opened my eyes to the possibilities and realities of making money online.

I was like the most of you before I decided to purchase this domain – I practically spent lots of hours online, chatting, playing online games, friendster and myspace (Facebook wasn’t as popular then).

I even spent hundreds of pesos to buy credits for online games such as Freestyle basketball, Ragnarok, Perfect World and lots of other multi-player games.

When I discovered the passive income opportunities online, it changed my perspectives about the internet. Why spend money when I can earn? Why waste time making other people rich when I can use it to earn income for myself.

The 10 USD dollars investment to purchase the coolest blog domain name on the internet (hehe – stop raising those eyebrows) has been paid off several hundred times over.

I have tried so hard to build up this domain to be associated with blogging, and bloggers, aside from sharing make money online ideas. I may not be as successful as the others – but I am very much contented, and it feels so good to see the word ‘bloggista’ becoming an accepted word to mean ‘blogger’, as evidenced in several wiki sites.

Now, as the popular saying goes: “Some good things must come to a good end.”

Not so long ago, some “people” have asked me if I am willing to sell for some “nice tag.” The figures made me think – and pause…. and  daydream… and wonder… and ponder…

After all, is way cooler a social blogging site name than ‘blogspot’ or ‘bloglog’ (ahem – no raising of eyebrows again LOL).

Which led me to do one more act – ask you if you’re the owner of this domain, would you sell it? If you are to bid on it, how much are you willing to pay? Hmmm, my friend Thirdworldgeek wants to bid US$1.00, so yours should be higher than that.