After more than 12 months of no activity, I finally had the time to “awaken” after a long slumber. I bought the domain a year ago in preparation for the May 2010 elections, but the “political blood” in me just vanished into thin air all of a sudden, and totally lost interest in every thing about politics.

After all, Philippine politics is just a cycle of “same people (or same family), same stuff, same story.” It’s all about how one politician can be the champion of the “masses” and pro-poor and either one of the poor or once a poor.

No wonder every year, poverty level increases despite the so-called progress. Politicians need the poor. They need poverty to win. They need poor people to cling to power.

So don’t hope that they’ll gonna do some stuff to eradicate poverty and help every poor child go to school, or help a poor guy land a decent job.

Bringing people out of poverty and make the government systems work to give every one a good, decent life is a stupid thing a Filipino politician will gonna do.

That is why wherever you go, even in Makati, you see the ‘poorest of the poor’ living in shanties and cramped spaces – there are like thousands of them crowding a small piece of land. They are a good source of votes, needless to say.

Oh, by the way, the reason why I revived is not because I’m going to take a shot at making money with politics, but to have a site where I can write some stuffs about politics.

It is a social network site, thus members can interact with other members, make them friends (or enemies).

I have also started online Polls on which Presidentiable and Vice Presidentiable will you vote. The site also lets members create Groups, and start forum threads about their favorite (or most hated) candidates. Senatoriables, Congressmen and other elective positions are also welcome. will also feature election-related stories, as well as provide an alternative “online community” of people who care about the holding of an honest, credible and peaceful elections in May 10, 2010.

Feel free to visit the site, registration is easy and of course, free! If you own a Facebook account, you can skip the registration process and simply login using your Facebook credentials.

Go check out, a socio-political network site (is there such a term?).