infolinks-wii-enzoI have always been a reluctant blogger, make it, a reluctant writer. I just don’t have the talent to write. I envy my blogging friends who could write anything effectively under the sun.

They say it’s about practice. But I say it’s skills and raw talent – no matter how much you practice, if you don’t have it, you will never have it. Okay, just blink and think that you have to agree with me. ^blink^

Now what if you need to write about a topic and make it an entry to a global writing project – where contestants are mostly bloggers from all over the world?

What would you do if you were like me?  Oh, you’ll probably just check out the contest mechanics, dreaming of writing a good article, and watch all those great entries from your friends and other bloggers coming in.

You want to pause for a while, try to push those little keys, constructing your initial sentences – but nothing comes out. These were exactly the things I went through. Reading my friends’ blog entries did not help – but made my frustrations even bigger.

Until at the last day, I decided to write something, for about 20 minutes I just let the words out – what the heck I said, I won’t be submitting this anyway. And I shouldn’t, the article is too lousy to be considered an entry to a global writing project.

And in less than an hour, I got my article, and thought that the title, “Doubling blog revenue as easy as popping a bubble” was cool.

But then I remembered I made a “bold” comment at  ThirdWorldGeek’s blog – right on his entry to the same writing project a few weeks before. I told him “I’m going to win that Wii.

So with a great amount of “will”, I emailed Infolinks, an in-text advertising provider which delivers contextual ads that bloggers like me are in deep gratitude for giving us another great way to monetize our blogs and earn money.

Was just too glad Infolinks accepted my entry on the last day of the month-long contest called “Review Infolinks and Win a Google Nexus One”.

A few days later – around February 3, 2010, Infolinks announced the winners. I received an email from them telling me my entry won second prize – and I won the Wii game console.

Amazing isn’t it? Thus the same thing I’m gonna tell you about blogging – nothing should stop you from blogging, even if you don’t have the talent to write.

While being able to write a great story with perfect English grammar impresses everyone, it’s about being able to connect your thoughts in very simple words that matters most.

If you don’t write English very well, don’t worry. You can still make money from it. You can even win a Wii.