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The first order of business of the obvious winner of the May 2010 Presidential race is not really to cut off his deep love of Marlboro classic or ship away his sister Kris Aquino to pirate-infested waters of Somalia.

Noynoy Aquino’s serious leadership problem as the new President of the republic is to inject new life to the government coffers that is on an obvious state of comatose. The day that he steps into office and have to be driven on a car with the number 1 plate to boot, he is to reckon with the depressing reality that our government is facing an estimated P300 billion budget deficit.

That is almost ¼ of the 2010 budget! And worthy enough to note is the overconfidence of Pres. Arroyo’s mouthpieces to say that she is handing over a very stable government to Aquino which we will certainly hear more from her during her last hurray on the June 12 Philippine Independence celebration.

This makes me imagine what an unstable government is. Oh, unimaginable that is. And GMA’s lapdogs have proven that the only legacy they will leave this nation after June 30 is their fertile imagination.

Going back to the issue, how then is Noynoy Aquino going to solve this problem of budget deficit that unfortunately (and has always been the case), the poor which comprise the biggest chunk of the Philippine population is always at the receiving end of punishment.

Sec. Teves, the present and outgoing Finance secretary suggests to increase the E-VAT from 12%-15% and impose an increased rate on sin taxes – which Philippines has actually one of the lowest in the world.

The senators also gave their suggestions: one senator suggested that the sex scandal videos of celebrities he exposed to be copyrighted by the government and be sold worldwide to boost revenue; Miriam Santiago proposes to jump off a cruising plane to generate more tourists to come over the Philippines. And Pres. Arroyo said that she is willing to promote and be the model of the Philippines as the center of “boob jobs” in Asia.

There are people who are clearly against the increased E-VAT, right Mr. Ralph Recto?… and those on increasing sin taxes saying that the poor will not anymore enjoy the pleasure of puffing and carrying bloated bellies.

On the other hand, Noynoy Aquino has already said his big “no” to increasing E-VAT and will stick to his platform of plugging the financial leaks in the government due to corruption, remove all redundant government positions, a more thrift government spending non-priorities and boosting tax collection.

Will these two efforts by Noynoy Aquino be enough to resuscitate our government from a financial black hole and prevent other impending increased taxes on the public?

I suggest: why not sell all the kidneys of politicians? LOL!

You may share your suggestions too. Just use your imaginations like the Arroyo spokespersons.

Noynoy’s Photo Credit:  Keith Abongco/AKP Images


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