In her previous article, Jonha shared her tips and experiences on how one can start blogging and stressed the importance of carefully selecting specific topics (or niche) that you like to write about. In this second of a two-part guest article, Jonha writes about how to make your blog grow – by driving regular readers and not just plain traffic.

3. Post at least twice a week

The most common problem with most bloggers (yes, even seasoned bloggers are faced with this dilemma) is that they fail to continually and consistently feed their readers with interesting and quality contents.

When you blog, you must put yourself in the shoes of the people who will be reading your post if you want them to regularly visit your blog. The more you update your blog, the more chances of getting your posts noticed by visitors, readers and Google spiders.

It should be noted though that you should not post contents that are copied and never ever post just for the sake of posting.

Should you have a hard time thinking of ideas to post, bank from your regular personal experiences (as long as they’re relevant to your niche), and read from blogs that are relevant to yours (this usually works for me because I would almost always, trust me it works almost 99% of the time, when I visit my favorite blogs and from their posts, I could extract some ideas, then another idea from another blog until I blast with bazillion of ideas to the point wherein my fingers needed to race with them).

In case you’re wondering why at least twice a day, well, they say two is better than one. Also, it would give your readers a hint that they would find at least a couple of fresh contents every week.

Thus, they will be thrilled, excited and motivated to keep on coming back to your blog on a regular basis. Regular updates begets regular visits.

4. Post original, interactive and fresh contents

Penelope Trunk said that information is a commodity but your perspective is not. Nobody wants to read a re-post. Google doesn’t like it either. People wants to read a fresh and original content. Well, who doesn’t?

Steve Pavlina has given an emphasis in the importance of original and really compelling contents. He said that his valuable thoughts turned into written posts are what sustained him during the recession. He made money while the rest of the world are looking for it.

Perhaps what made my celebrity blog earn a PageRank 4 in the shortest period of time is the fact that I’ve been posting quality, informative and catchy contents regularly (though not necessarily daily).

Unlike most celebrity blogs, I didn’t just copy what happened to Miley Cyrus, I actually posted random things about her and that’s probably the reason why one day, a father added me on Facebook and told me he was able to answer his daughter’s question about Miley through the aid of my blog without sweating.

You see, if your contents are valuable, interesting and you consistently write, people will start listening to you.

Then they will keep listening to you.

Scraping contents will never do you any good, nor will it earn you respect of both your readers and co-bloggers over time. Splogs or spam blogs will be punished by Google especially if you’re on a Blogger platform as these types of blogs would easily get deleted.

You see, there’s just so much to lose than to gain when you don’t post original and quality contents.

5. Socialize both online and offline

Your quality contents would all be wasted if people won’t find it.

Success in blogging requires more than just writing. You can’t just simply click on the “Publish” button and expect tons of people visiting your blog afterwards.

Once you have published a great deal of quality and interesting contents, don’t be afraid to promote it. It requires reaching out to other people who may be interested in what you write about and inviting them to stop by your blog without necessarily spamming.

Utilize social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Plurk and attend blogging meetups so you can network with other people who are passionate in blogging and in your niche because success in blogging requires more than just writing.

Pete Cashmore, the 24-year-old CEO of Mashable, who was dubbed as the Brad Pitt of the web world is very good in this approach. He utilizes both Twitter and Facebook to his advantage and keeps on gaining more and more attention by utilizing these free and powerful social networking platforms by keeping his “friends” and followers posted about his recent posts.

So, are you ready? Will you commit yourself into doing those 5 ways on how you can succeed in blogging?

I tell you, if you would consistently publish original, fresh and interesting contents; post at least twice a week and utilize various social bookmarking and social networking platforms to promote your new blog, you will definitely won’t have a hard time climbing the ladder of success in blogging.


Jonha Ducayag Revesencio, a Capricornian and a sweet lass from Jaro, Ilo-ilo City is the blogger behind the blog “Defying Changes | Filipino Tips on Immigration | Au Pair Issues and Scam | Bloggingas well as dozens of other blogs on different “lucrative” niches. She’s an envy to struggling bloggers like me and even to successful online moguls like Joliber (balato naman…) – she has a super brain with a gargantuan of ideas to write about.  A visit to her site gives you fruitful blogging trip. Go try it. 🙂