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Okay, I tried so hard not to blog about World Cup 2010 but now I give in to the urge, thanks to Ceblogger who always reminds me to share my thoughts on one of the biggest and spectacular (and boring for some) sports event on the planet.

Let’s start by digging some more reasons why I need to blog about it here on Bloggista.com. First, soccer or football in some lingo is my favorite sport. In the mountains where I came from, soccer was one of our favorite sports, aside from baseball. Well, we played basketball but I always believe we Filipinos are much better off playing soccer or baseball.

Obviously, we don’t really produce lots of children that are as tall as Shaq or Lebron James. But we have a chance to compete internationally with soccer. Look at Japan and the two Korea nations. Height isn’t an advantage or even a requirement for soccer. It’s about quickness, agility, speed…

Now comes the most important reason why a post about soccer is published on a blogging resources and make money online blog. It’s about traffic. A traffic experiment. When there’s traffic, there’s money, more or less. That’s the truth about making money online.

Okay if you came here through the search engines looking for World Cup 2010 predictions, games update and results, I will not disappoint you. Keep on reading.

The World Cup 2010 knock out stage has just been completed with the final knock out match between Spain and Portugal. Ronaldo may have disappointed a lot of his Portuguese countrymen when his team was eliminated by Spain, where he is currently playing in one of the Spanish Football clubs.

One fan posted a comment on Facebook saying Ronaldo may have played with all his heart for his Spanish club Real Madrid team but not for his country. Well that’s exactly the story for every loss and win at any FIFA World Cup event. This year, popular teams like France and Italy were eliminated very early. England lost to USA in Group C ranking, however Ghana eliminated the US team in the knock out match.

My personal prediction is that we will probably see a World Cup 2010 Finals match with either Brazil vs. Spain or the winner in the Argentina vs. Germany match. But the other teams are also potential contenders like Netherlands, Paraguay, Uruguay and Ghana.

The quarterfinals is set to kick off on July 2, Saturday, or Sunday dawn Manila Time. The “must watch match” this weekend is  Argentina vs Germany. This will gonna be a good match to watch assuming the World Cup 2010 referees will not give erroneous calls just like what happened between the Germany vs England and Brazil vs. Mexico knockout matches. Argentina is seeking revenge against the Germans who eliminated them in the last World Cup.

I plan to watch it at National Sports Grill in Makati – it’s great to watch soccer with friends and beer, so who’s going with me? LOL. By the way, if you want to play World Cup 2010 Predictor game, here it is:


World Cup 2010 Match Results:

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I have prepared some polls where you can choose which team will win the World Cup 2010 Title, as well as separate polls for each quarterfinal game. Go ahead tell us what you think and don’t forget to share us your thoughts in the comments section.

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FIFA World Cup 2010 Quarterfinal Matches Predictions:

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