Well, almost…

I just got back from Cebu for what seemed to be one of the best weekend of my life – when over 200 of my high school batchmates gathered at one of the most organized event I attended.

It was a two-day affair, culminated with a whole day and a whole night of food and fun, of drinks and dance, of flurry of chit chats and flashings of cams by the beach at a resort north of Cebu.

The high school reunion – “10 years after” (LOL) kept me away from the online world for a while. Away from Twitter, away from Mafia Wars on Facebook, and away from blogging. And as always, it is refreshing to be away from the internet once in a while.

Got to admit, it was hard to go back home knowing the parties aren’t over yet. Talking about post reunion activities. But projects and clients are hard to ignore.

As I began to attune myself back to reality, and started lifting my heavy toes to go back to my usual routine, including blogging, typhoon Basyang came and stole the momentum which was already slowly building up inside of me.

Last night I watched the Germany vs Uruguay third placer game replay which I missed because of the reunion. And as Muller was about to hit the ball with a header from Ozil’s corner kick at around 18th or 19th minute of the match, power went out.

All of a sudden I missed the sound of the vuvuzuelas for the first time. It was weird since those were making annoying sound at every World Cup 2010 match. All I could hear was the wind which sounded like a 16-wheeler truck trying to ram my SUV outside.

It was around 12 midnight and electricity is still not restored as of writing this post – about 18 hours already. Then I learned that the whole of Metro Manila suffered total system blackout and power is restored to only a few areas.

Most school classes were suspended, many offices went on a holiday. Some offices have work but they don’t have electricity. I was lucky to have access to a place with electricity and internet the whole day.

But many of my Pinoy online and blogging friends were not as lucky. My inbox is surprisingly “silent”. I am used to getting a couple of hundreds of messages in my inbox – from social media status updates (Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz) and blog posts. But today is different – so few blog updates, very few Twitter and Facebook activities.

I learned that some were a bit “creative” just to be able to go online. Some friends went on a coffee shop hopping so they can charge their laptops and access the internet. Some simply went to the mall where they can surf the net.

Can you imagine a society with no electricity, and no access to the world wide web. Today is a testament to the fact that in this age of social media – many people have become so dependent with internet it is almost certain many cannot live without it.

And to think Typhoon Basyang is just the second typhoon that hit the Philippines this year – at an average of 22 typhoons a year, there are still 19 typhoons coming.

Brace for more “power-less” and “internet-less” days ahead – unless our government is going to do something about it. It is worth noting that Pinoy Bloggers cannot be silenced with threats and ridicules from traditional media, the purists, the elitists and critics. But typhoons do.