roy-dela-cruzHe is “the struggling blogger“, a prolific one though. If you judge a blogger who could merely publish posts once every blue moon as a “struggling blogger”, then Roy dela Cruz is light years far from that description.

Roy has more than a dozen of blogs up his sleeve. And is able to regularly update these blogs. His main blog, The Struggling Blogger is a testament to his dedication to blogging. Blogging started as an “escape from sadness and loneliness” over his wife’s passing away in early 2007.

For Roy, blogging keeps him sane, a therapy over loneliness, a way of life. Take it away from him and he’s a zombie -walking dead. His blogs and posts range from inspirations and reflections, poetry, short stories, single fatherhood and topics that livens up his sugar coated world.

A Kapampangan, he also writes about food and places in Pampanga, particularly Angeles. Blogging has been instrumental for this father of 3 to come out of his shell, met lots of friends local and foreign, and recently has been featured in the United Nations World For Food Programme website.

He has also ventured into making money online with some of his blogs, from serving adsense ads and occasional sponsored posts.

So with all these blogging feats and achievements, why does Roy prefers to be identified as “the struggling blogger”? Read on to know more about Roy through a series of simple featured blogger questions.

QUESTION (Q): So how’d you like us to call you?


Q: Age?

41 going 25. Through age, comes wisdom.

Q: Can you share us some information about you, like your birthplace, your childhood, your favorite food, music, gadgets, etc.?

Born, live, work and most probably will die in Angeles City. Accounting is my profession, but writing is my obsession. Food? Since I’m from Pampanga, tocino tops my list, followed by kare-kare. And a banana cake never fails to make me smile.

I dig all kind of music – rock, ballad, jazz, and even heavy metal, as long as I can understand the song. My music icons are Tears For Fears, Kenny Loggins, The Dawn, APO Hiking Society, Gary V… and many more.

I play the guitar, although not that well. My son Edgar plays a whole lot better than me. I write songs and hope to hear them played on the music mainstream someday.

Needless to say, I write poems. I often called myself a self-proclaim poet. And just like any wannabe, I hope to publish my book of poetry someday.

I’m not much into gadgets. I’m quite happy with my lowly digicam.

Q: Your profession/work/career?

I am an accountant, and I work in one company in Clark, Angeles City.

Q: When did you start blogging?

Unofficially, in 2004. Officially in 2008.

Q: How it started?

I heard about from a techie show on TV and the next day, I created my first blog – REFLECTIONS. And then in 2008, I took to blogging to keep me company. Of course, you know the story.

Q: What is/are your blog topic/niche?

Personal, poetry, short story, mix bag, regional (Kapampangan Blog & Angeles City blog), business, and of course, an attempt on online money making.

Q: How it grew or “boomed’?

Did it? Lol, honestly, I don’t think I have already bloomed as a blogger. I still have a long way to go. But I am just lucky to have friends like Bloggista, Jan, Jena and many more great bloggers. When you’re in the company of great bloggers, chances are, their greatness will rub on you too 😉

Q: How many blogs do you have?

hmm… more than 10 (I lost count). Although not all of them are really active at this time. Right now, I’m trying to develop The Struggling Blogger dot Com as my mother ship, and there all blogs would follow.

Q: Any blogging plans?

I plan to continue on blogging until I am the only blogger left in this world. Tough luck, hehe…

What I mean is that, I really have no big plans. I just want to continue to write… and continue blogging as long as I can.

Heck! I might even blog from the afterlife! If I attempted to write to heaven from earth through my blog, why can’t I try to write back earth when I’m there? (Wherever that “there” may be)

Q: Any advice or message to other bloggers, pro and newbies alike?

Additional info… let’s see… do you know that I used to do a smooth moonwalk? But then, after some years and several pounds later, there’s no more glide even on the smoothest floor.

Seriously, I have a lot to be thankful about blogging. It has help me keep my sanity by letting my vent out my insanity.

And finally, an advice? Words are powerful. Be careful when you use them. Do not abuse them or they might come back to haunt you.

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