More and more people are surfing the web using mobile gadgets, thanks to the ever improving mobile devices technology. iPads, iPhones, Blackberry’s, WiFi-ready mobile phones and devices are increasingly popular and becoming more affordable almost everyone can now own one.

This is the reason why you should make your blog “mobile-ready” to take advantage of the additional traffic from mobile users. While the iPhone and iPad can render any website on screen “as-is”, many other mobile devices are still not capable of such functionality.

If you have a mobile internet browser, you can check out how looks like on your mobile screen. Another website of mine, Buy and Sell Philippines | BentaOnline is also mobile-ready and is using another plugin. These sites have been mobile-ready for more than a year now.

This blog, according to my analytics tool, gets 18% to 22% of its traffic from mobile visitors. Imagine the potential loss of visits and pageviews if this blog had not been mobile-ready.

BentaOnline, although not receiving lots of traffic yet, has received a total of 245,000 plus mobile pageviews over the past 7 months.

The beauty of WordPress-powered blog or website is that you can easily turn it into a mobile-ready site with the use of a plugin. You can browse which mobile-site plugin suits your preferences. I will make a separate post as to which mobile plugin worked best for me.

When choosing a mobile plugin, make sure your contents are displayed immediately on mobile screen. Although several mobile devices have built-in tools to convert and view any webpage into mobile format, your content may be pushed further down especially when you have lots of stuff in your header and navigation links.

Try browsing ABS-CBNnews and on mobile, these sites are informative yet, it is frustrating to browse through their articles using a mobile phone.

Also, when choosing a mobile plugin, make sure that it can support a wide range of mobile devices and platforms. iPad, iPhone, WebOs (Palm), Blackberry and yes, even China made WiFi phones have different formats thus it is important that your website or blog renders properly on any mobile devices.

If your blog or website is not yet mobile-ready, dude, you have to make some serious work now. If you are serious in generating more traffic to your site, then you have to take advantage of the tremendous traffic potential from mobile users.

Now to monetize your mobile traffic, that will be another post.