Lately, I have acquired the other two Bloggista domains, and I don’t know if I made a wise decision and investment, but it’s pretty cool to see I got these three domains all from the earnings I made over the past months from blogging. LogoI am building Bloggista as a key blogging keyword, being a potential alternate definition of “blogger”. In the Philippines, and perhaps in Spanish speaking countries, the word “bloggista” is synonymous with the word “blogger” – at times, may even denotes some level of passion into blogging. It can be compared to the word “Fashionista”, a person who got a deep “passion” for fashion and style.

Bloggista may be even considered as a “portmanteau” of blog and gist which could mean “a true essence of blogging”. I hope to see this word accepted into Wikipedia, and some other scholarly reference materials like the Online Free Dictionary.

Anyways, I have great plans for But it may take a while, until I find the right Team to work on it. As for, I have decided to use it as a Free WordPress-powered website, originally intended for the domain. With this development, I am de-activating the Create Blog link on this blog and encourage people who want to have their own wordpress-powered blog to check out It’s a new domain, so you gotta have lots of subdomain names available.


Signup Step free Blog at Bloggista.netSoon, when funds permit, I will get my own dedicated hosting with BlueHost– to service these hosted free blogs. Why am I doing this? It has been my dream to offer a free blog or a free website to people who do not have their own domain and hosting service. The advantage of is that it is powered by WordPress – no doubt the most popular blogging platform in the planet (LOL, I could hear some loud objections somewhere).

So, the Blogging Resources Section of this blog will also be gone – and transferred to I am also planning to slowly move the current hosted blogs to, so that all hosted free blogs will be in one domain, rightfully at

So check out this new site, still in its BETA stage, but you can already use the Sign-up form. Soon, once I learn how to put a good CAPTCHA on blog sign-up, blog application can be done real-time, and no need to submit a blog application form. Sadly, I have to de-activate the real-time Sign-up as spammers and “sploggers” are always trigger-happy in signing up useless and irritant blogs.