Change is always controversial. Why change when you’re doing great? But “change” defines success or failure of any undertaking. The ability to introduce new things is a formula to succeed, but can also be a recipe for disaster.

Not so long ago, Digg came up with a new version of its popular content submission/sharing site and received numerous objections from die-hard Digg fans.

On September 14, 2010, Twitter announced the release of new Twitter and immediately, as expected, became a trending topic. Twitter users echoed different opinions, many are saying it’s HOT, and some think it’s NOT.

Twitter disclosed that the New Twitter is faster, and a new web interface will be rolled out. After more than 4 years, the web page is redesigned, with “@mentions, retweets, searches, and lists just above your timeline” all displayed on Tabs on the left screen.

The right screen displays the familiar features like recently followed, recent followers, favorites, and Trending Topics. Also, it now displays embedded media like videos and photos.

Before, the web interface is simply all TEXT, and you have to go to an external to view videos and pictures. Many believe that the new interface resembles that of the Twitter iPad application which was also released recently.

Other Twitter new features as announce on Twitter website:

Related Contents: When you click a Tweet, the details pane shows additional information related to the author or subject. Depending on the Tweet’s content, you may see: @replies, other Tweets by that same user, a map of where a geotagged Tweet was sent from, and more.

Mini Profile view: You can click a @username to see a mini profile without navigating from the page, which provides quick access to account information, including bio and recent Tweets.

Twitter plans to roll out the new Twitter over a span of several weeks. Users will still be able to switch from new to old Twitter during the roll out phase.

Watch the New Twitter video.

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