Despite the real potential of making money online from blogging, many people still have stereotype views of people blogging for money.

A fact which many blogging for revenue enthusiasts has to contend with. Make money online bloggers are considered “pathetic”, “lowly” breed of souls out to scam people and spam the internet world.

Unfortunately, there is some “truth” to this as spam blogs and scam websites are ever increasing each day. The “scammers” never get tired of sending “scam” and spam emails everyday. You can detect them right away.

Familiar phrases like “Earn 300USD a day simply by working from home“, “Automated tool that earns 150,000USD per year“, and claims like “a lonely housewife earning 40,000USD a month” or “how a teen-age school drop out makes 15,000USD per month on autopilot” are obviously too good to be true and 101% of the time are scams.

Many bloggers resort to stealing other people’s online contents and publish those as if they were their original work. This even “worsened” the image of legitimate, honest and hardworking “revenue” bloggers. This is a serious problem every blogger and webmaster face each day.

Content thieves may strike anyone. Even’s “inferior-quality” posts and contents are stolen. Original author credits or even a simple link would have been a consolation, but they don’t care as long as they can make money from it.

“Purists” or people whose writing and literary skills are almost beyond “excellent” despise make money online bloggers so much they are always subject of ridicule and generalization. For them, these bloggers are “scavengers” who are contented earning “a few cents” from their blogs, filling up the first pages of search engines with low quality posts and junk information.

There are also those “traditional” journalists and editors who cannot distinguish a blog from a magazine or newspaper and criticize bloggers for not following basic journalism rules.

While blogging has evolved from purely personal rants and reviews to include current events and political opinions, a blog is not a substitute for a news site. Monetized personal blogs are not news sites, thus those blogs don’t follow the usual 5W’s and one H rule most news stories are formatted.

Personal blog posts cannot be equated to journalistic articles and personal bloggers cannot be compared to journalists.

Make money online blogging is also a very lonely job. Some bloggers considered it a “job” since they rely on blog revenue to help pay bills, buy food, send a kid to school or to buy some of life’s comforts like gadgets and home electronics.

More often than not, make money blogging isolates you from real world and real friends. The blogger rather spends time writing new contents, optimizing links, generate traffic and explore new niches to ensure steady revenue or open new revenue streams.

The truth is, I have a hard time inviting out fellow make money bloggers to a good night of beer, food and fun.

It is true make money blogging sucks – and frustrating, especially if you’re not doing it right. In the midst of all the stereotypes and bad reputation on make money blogging, it is still a good source of passive income when you do it right.

Do a self-check, if you are:

  • Not scamming people
  • Not stealing other people’s contents
  • Striving to produce useful, quality posts
  • Finding new legitimate and effective ways to improve online revenue
  • Discovering new niches and setup new income streams
  • Learning new things to improve your skills
  • Having fun while doing all of these

… then you’re on your way to succeed in making money online blogging.

Stretch your look into the future. While you may be earning money now, it will be different soon. Plan, and make sure you are investing your time wisely, so that you will reap the rewards when the time comes.

If you cannot have a good vision of what’s in store for you in the near future, and what you should do now to prepare yourself and take you there, then make money online blogging simply sucks.