He’s an instant Internet Star. These past days the web is all filled up with his photo-shopped images. The Cigar Guy’s photo is probably one of the most popular photo meme ever to hit the web.


What seemed to be just an ordinary Tiger Woods‘ “bad” or “winning” shot at the Ryder Cup all went into something “unforgettable”. The golf ball went straight into a photographer’s camera but before it slammed the lens, he managed to click and captured the moment perfectly.

Then, just as people were awed at the sight of the frozen spinning golf ball, a man wearing a turban and a fake mustache donning a cigar appeared on the right of the picture.


The Cigar Guy’s image has become the subject of thousands of timeless photos and posters “edited” and have him showed up instead. I too had fun doing my own Cigar Guy photo. Unfortunately I don’t know Photoshop, but this photo of then US President George Bush and a “flying shoe” had given me some inspiration to make one.

These are some of the nice Cigar Guy images circulated on the web. These are the “works” of talented people I don’t know. I don’t claim ownership of any of the photos.

From blogs.dallasobserver.com:


From outofbounds.nbcsports.com:


From tauntr.com:


Others from around the world wide web: