’s featured blogger this time is probably the most fun and cheerful blogger I’ve ever known. She’s an “epitome” of a true social media addict: She tweets before she eat, she tweet before she sleeps.

Jonha, who happens to be the only Filipino included in Standard Chartered Top 10 World’s Coolest Intern list “eats and breaths” blogging and social media.

She loves to hop around blogs, makes her presence felt with fun comments and engages in lively discussions. Her inclusion to the World’s Coolest Intern Top 10 list demonstrates her “go-getter” attitude, who stops at nothing despite of the many adversaries just to achieve the things she wants. was privileged to “interview” 21 year-old @Jonharules, or Jonha Ducayag Revesencio in real world some few months back, and below are some of the interesting facts about this “lady in heart-shaped pajama who loves social media.”

By the way, Standard Chartered’s World’s Coolest Intern search is still on until November 12, 2010. If you like Jonha to be selected as the ultimate World’s Coolest Intern, you can show your support by visiting her Facebook page, add her on twitter ( and tweet the following:

@StanChartBreeze We want @jonharules to be the #worldscoolestintern!

Question (Q): Can you share us some information about you, like your birthplace, your childhood, your favorite food, music, gadgets, etc.?

I’m such a bookworm having read all of Dan Brown’s books. I studied Computer Programming and have a great addiction to social media especially Twitter. I like rave about Penelope Trunk, Mashable, Tech Heads and I think that Pete Cashmore is the hottest man alive. I live by the mantra, “We will find a way, or we will make one” – University of Pennsylvania.

I was born in Kalibo, Aklan but currently resides in Jaro, Iloilo. I think that Avatar is the best movie of all time. My blogging heroes are Seth Godin, Steve Pavlina, Steve Olson and of course, Penelope Trunk.

I’m my mom’s only daughter and consider my plight to have inspired and motivated me to always defy circumstances and use changes in my advantage.

Q: Your profession/work/career?

Call Center Agent/Virtual Assistant

Q: When did you start blogging?


Q: How it started?

It’s interesting how my pen name and blogging experience has started. My friend has introduced me in the power of unleashing your thoughts online and she has a great love for Jessica Zafra and since her domain name has the word rules on it, I thought I’d pattern my name on it, thus, jonharules.

Q: What is/are your blog topic/niche?

Celebrity News, Filipino tips on immigration, exposing au pair scams, blogging tips

Q: How it grew or “boomed’?

When you tell stories about celebrities, you gotta try talking to them. I mainly use Twitter to do that, and promote my blog. There’s this one time when people started talking about #nickjonassideboob and my blog has the most detailed post about it.

I also posted pictures of David Archuleta in the Manila LDS temple. As for my Happiness blog, aspiring au pairs from all over the world has found it helpful in preventing themselves from being hoodwinked by au pair scammers. Then they started posting links on forums linking to my blogs.

It’s just so amazing to watch your audience grow and people finding value in what you share.

Q: How many blogs do you have?

I have bazillion of blogs. First was my celebrity blog then my happiness blog. The latter is much closer to my heart and I decided to abandon the former. I also created a collection of Facebook statuses blog and it’s just amazing how it’s giving me passive income when I do not really spend so much time updating it.

Q: Any blogging plans?


My goal in blogging is simply to share my thoughts and discoveries about things that most Filipinos are facing like their struggles in immigration, diaspora trends, au pair scams and blogging tips for newbies.

I like to believe that I have an Asperger syndrome (you know the kind of disorder that most guys in Microsoft have) because I like to talk and write about things that I am very interested about. I can be very elaborative at times. Most of my posts always exceed 1000 words and they’re often written in less than an hour! (Yay, I can be that way excited when ideas just come rushing).

I wanna be like Penelope Trunk and get to pay the bills with the words I type. I do not necessarily want to quit my day job for blogging though but I want to really make changes in the lives of the people that read my thoughts.

Q: Any advice or message to other bloggers, pro and newbies alike?

1. “We will find a way, or we will make one”.

That’s a mantra that I constantly live in my life, thus my blog was named Defying Changes. Changes always happen so either we innovate or dissipitate. Be open to changes; use them to your advantage such as the new social networking and social media tools in promoting your blog, in getting heard.

2.       Be appreciative and the world will appreciate you back.

Blog hop from time to time, from there, you will get to learn what others are writing about, get ideas (but do not copy!) and earn new set of friends. Give constructive thoughts about what is written and engage in scintillating discussions.

Blogging simply expands an endless and limitless horizon for everyone. I just hope that we take advantage of this opportunity so well.

3.       Don’t get easily intimated. Everyone has something worthy to share.

Take the example of a highschool friend. When asked about what his secret as to why a lot of people adore him, he simply told me that, “I do not always necessarily have the best things in life; I just always see the best in them”.

He never fails to see what’s good in everyone and that from anyone you meet; you always get to learn a thing or two. Though there may be gazillion of really good bloggers around the world, believe that you have something unique that is worth sharing.

Trust in yourself that there’s something about your thoughts worth sharing. Don’t get easily discouraged when at first, people don’t listen to you or may not seem to find value in what you share. Penelope Trunk commented on my blog that:

“The other thing about blogging is that when you write well, consistently, people who wouldn’t normally come into contact with you start listening to you. I will have your name in the back of my mind as someone I should keep an eye on.”

If you make that single most important decision of creating a blog for yourself, you are opening a door of endless opportunities for yourself. Do not just create a blog that is self-centered but strive to create a community where sharing prevails just like what Bloggista has been doing.


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