Shutdown day 100×100Tomorrow, 03-May-2008, as earlier promised, I will be away from my computer for a day. Probably a stupid idea for some, but what the heck, I needed an excuse to be away for a day or two and have fun in the beach. So I will be back Sunday, hopefully, a little bit tanned. LOL! will turn 4 months come 10-May 2008, and it will also markIm going to the beach my fourth month of going into regular blogging. Well, not really spending 8 hours a day, but I check on my blog at the very least, 5 times a week.

And those 120 days socializing with other bloggers made me understand and appreciate the unique characteristics and traits of most bloggers. So I am starting a list of 120 unique things about Bloggers and I want you to help me out completing the list. I got ten at the moment, so there’s still 110 to go. Those who will contribute will be rewarded as I will be selecting 10 commenters who can suggest some more additions to the list. Rewards at stake are 100EC‘s each of the selected 10 commenters and everyone, will get a “link back” from Those “traits” don’t have to be true to all bloggers. Some of those maybe true to some or most bloggers, nonetheless, they should describe the unique qualities, or traits or personalities of “most” bloggers. What I meant by “most” well, if at least 3 bloggers agree to it, or can relate with it, then get it listed.

Here is my list of 10 unique things about Bloggers:


  1. Bloggers tend to be sociable beings. You cannot find a blogger that does not visit other blogs and at least leave a comment on some blogs. I have yet to know a blogger who haven’t left a single comment on someone else’s blog. If there is, I will give him/her 100 Entrecard credits.
  2. Speaking of entrecard credits, some bloggers especially with the Entrecard widget love to give away credits or prizes – just for commenting or subscribing to his blog.
  3. A great number of bloggers knows Alexa. And most of them use the Alexa toolbar. Ask a person who do not blog about Alexa, and there is a big probability that he stares at you like a blank wall.
  4. Most bloggers have a love and hate relationship with the mighty Google. Some tend not to mind Google and its Page Rank’s prowess, but deep in their hearts, they long for it.
  5. Some bloggers tinker with their blog themes and layout as often as changing their underwears.
  6. A Shitty SituationMost bloggers are always on the lookout for subjects or things to blog about wherever they may go. They can find something to write about when dining out, or when in a grocery, at work, at the bank queue, or even in the toilet. They record these in their mobile devices, or in my case, on small pocket notebook that I carry around with me.
  7. In any given day, the website that most bloggers visit first are their own blogs.
  8. Most bloggers installed some codes that track how many visits were made on their blogs (analytics). And if a blogger happens to blog on a WordPress blog, one of the links he mostly clicks on his blog is his Dashboard and stats.
  9. Most bloggers have at least one social networking site account. While some have profiles on every social networking on the planet.
  10. Most bloggers subscribe to their own RSS Feeds. Others may even subscribe more than once using different emails.

I got a feeling this project will not reach its goal of 120 unique traits about Bloggers, but its still worth the try. So keep those ideas coming and write them down.

And finally, the commenter with the most “sensible” suggestions will get a permanent Blogroll link, a premium subbdomain and 500 Entrecard credits.

So help me out, and should you wish to subscribe to my RSS feeds, it will be greatly appreciated and “reciprocated”.

And oh, lastly, I have temporarily unchecked this blog’s “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” option, so new commenters can see their comments right away. Be kind please, and no Spam. 🙂