Hello! I know I have been away for quiet some time – and now that I’m back, I’m bringing you some, err, bad news. LOL! But seriously, this is really not cool.

For more than a month, I have been monitoring the performance of this brand new advertising provider, Smowtion. They have really good banners! Really colorful and big ones.

They must have been paying a lot for these nice banners they ran out of some extra cash to pay out its Publishers considerably good earnings.

As promised, and as a guiding principle of this Make Money Online Tips blog, I will try out Make Money Online ideas first before endorsing it to my friends and readers.

Here’s a screen shot of the stats I got from Smowtion:

blog-smowtion-shotHoly Kamote! Good lord of all the rings, giants and dwarfs! 15,000++ impressions, 129 clicks and USD0.68 revenue? Yes they have fast loading images and fast ad servers, but earnings are in real “slow motion“!

Even AdBrite is paying bigger than that! For same number of impressions, you can earn an average of USD15.00 with Google Adsense or even more.

My verdict – got to take Smowtion ads out from all of my sites. Its occupying some really valuable space yet giving me so little in return. I can’t even buy peanuts with that amount.

Reviews like these will actually help the publishers and especially the providers. This should make them think not everyone can be lured into something not worth the time and effort.

Yes, as bloggers, we look for avenues to make money online, but not as cheap as robbing you of all the valuable real estate and not being paid fairly.

How about you? Or, is it just me? LOL. Happy holidays everyone!

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