avg-trial-freeI rarely write a post on tech stuff, but today, I stumbled a problem on my computer – the AVG trial version I installed last December 9, 2010 expired, and the “Update Failed” notice kept on bugging me the whole time.

Now you know I’m not paying anything for a very important tool when you are using a computer and do a lot of things in the internet like trying to make money online – antivirus, anti-spyware and similar internet security tools. Sounds so cheap eh?

Perhaps I will buy in the future but as for now, I am contented with using the free version of AVG – probably one of the most popular anti-virus and internet security software available today (well to some, it sucks).

Going back to my problem earlier, I went through all the options in AVG Panel but I can’t see any button where I could switch back to AVG Free.

I remembered it exactly when I downloaded and installed the AVG Complete Internet Security Suite 2011 – it suggested that I install the 30-day trial license since I can always switch back to AVG free when it expires and don’t want to buy an upgrade.

Since I can’t find a way to switch it back to AVG Free version, out of frustration, I opted to go to Control Panel and uninstall the darn thing.

Voila, when I click the “Uninstall” button, an option to convert to AVG Free popped out. LOL! So to remind myself, I have to write this post (two more PC’s and another netbook’s trial AVG licenses are soon to expire).

So again, how to switch back to AVG Free version when your AVG Trial license expires?

For windows, simply go to Control Panel, look for the AVG application, select it and click Uninstall. You should see the option “Convert to AVG 20xx Free“. Click it, wait for a moment, and enjoy your AVG Free version.