prelaunch-malaysiaThere is something that’s sweeping not just across Asia, but worldwide as well. It’s called Prelaunch Malaysia – and based on the announcement on its website, the System will be revealed during its launch scheduled by end of January 2011.

Prelaunch Malaysia is backed up by wordwide leaders in the MLM industry and from a big Online Shopping deals provider in the US. This is the same group who did successful launches in the United States, UK, Canada and Australia.

They are launching in “select” countries, this time in Malaysia and Singapore – probably based on the criteria where lots of people are already buying online.

But since the internet knows no boundary, I believe even Filipinos can join, aside from the fact that Online Shopping is now popular in the country. This one will be free to join and as a member, you can distribute their “Application” that can run on every home computer.

How does it works?

I have the privilege of looking at the product, and I should say this is something useful to people who are shopping online. The “APP” lets you browse the web for deals and discounts of the products you wish to buy. This is going to give two major benefits to the user: Save time in searching for Deals and Discounts, and save money in the process.

The Income Opportunity

Anyone can apply as a “Distributor” for free (well at least for now, and probably free for life). The opportunity is probably earning commissions if someone you referred downloaded and installed the Prelaunch Malaysia APP and made an online purchase.

So better check out this new home-based, internet income opportunity now. As the video says, “Don’t just read it, be part of it.” Click to watch the video about Prelaunch Malaysia.

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