bald-manI wonder what happened to that Senate Hearing on “vanishing” cellphone loads which was a TV blockbuster just before the elections in 2008.

I believe the stars behind it were elected to either Senate or Congress. The campaign jingle and slogans still “reverberate” in my ears – “Problema Nyo, Sagot Ko!”, “Manong Johnny”, “No more vanishing cellphone loads” etc.

Who could forget those Party List candidates who also benefited by “riding” with the issue – promising every Filipino prepaid mobile phone users – around 30-40 million strong, “reforms” and make sure mobile phone load credits  won’t expire if unused over a period of time (2 weeks, if I got my numbers right).

Now they’re in Congress and the Senate – but who cares about those promises?

Two weeks ago, I purchased 100-peso credits for my prepaid mobile sim card. I use a dual-sim phone (cheap phone from China) – one is prepaid, and the other sim card is on a monthly plan. I just wanna make sure I have other option to call when the “sun” doesn’t shine so bright and I cannot get a good signal.

I managed to send only about 10 text messages with the prepaid sim card, but today I received a message that I have zero credits available and that I need to purchase credits again to avoid sim card de-activation.

Amazing! Or should I say, what a @%*^! robbery.

Seems like our politicos are just fond of “showing off” on TV cameras, with all the rhetorics and eloquence of a great speaker, the sharpness of an expert “interrogator“, and the memory of a “cream dory.”

Look at them now – investigations and hearings in aid of legislation and “media” exposure, but nothing happens. Ask Nemo.