affiliate-marketing-bloggistaThese past weeks I spent lots of time working on my other “online ventures” and projects it took away some good spare time which I could have dedicated to writing new updates to this blog. Good thing Bloggista.com is still getting a few good traffic hits even in the absence of fresh posts.

Some of the “online ventures” I am working with right now actually revolve around “Affiliate Marketing.” I know a lot of you guys are very familiar with this stuff – and quite a few are actually making some serious money from it.

If there is one thing in the Make Money Online arena that’s really worth considering – it’s Affiliate Marketing. It is simply about selling other people’s products and/or services for a commission – nothing new except that it is done mostly online.

The good thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you can have a really good business without the need for huge investment, in fact most programs can be started for ZERO capital. All you need is access to the internet and a good amount of effort and will.

In Affiliate Marketing, you need to focus on products or services that you probably are familiar with. Because the work needed in AM is about promoting your affiliate links and affiliate websites.

There are no shortages of products and services to market as an affiliate, from electronics, to gadgets, software, clothes, books, website hosting, games, music, movies, hotels, travel packages and even to such things as Viagra, “How To Get Pregnant” and “Get Your Ex Back.” (^wink^)

A good start is to register an associate account at Amazon.com – where you can sell virtually all products it lists on its site and get somewhere between 2% to as high as 20% commission for every sale. Other sites to consider are Pepperjamnetwork.com, Google Affiliate Network, Commission Junction (cj.com) and most e-commerce sites which offer Affiliate Programs.

In the Philippines, we have started this new Affiliate Marketing site for the Philippines local merchants and affiliates – AffiliatePinoy.com. We will be launching this site very soon as we are completing some serious discussions with several  interested partner merchants in the Philippines.

All of these Affiliate Programs offer tools for members to easily market its products and services offered. As an Affiliate Marketer, you are given a Dashboard where you can get your product or referral unique links (URL), track clicks and referrals, as well as the commissions earned.

As to the income opportunity, Affiliate Marketing gives you the best chance to earn big, and if properly done and managed, can even make you quit your 8-hour a day job easily after just a few months of doing it.

To learn more about Affiliate Marketing and some basic tips to jumpstart your earnings, make sure to come back and follow this first of a series of articles about Affiliate Marketing.

You may want to check out AffiliatePinoy.com, register a free account and explore how you can make money selling its products and services (only a few at the moment – but more merchants will be added very soon!).