empireavenueWhether their Social Media Influence valuation is sensible or not, EmpireAvenue got me hooked for close to 10 days now, thanks to their fun “trading” game.

What made EmpireAvenue interesting is the “game” itself – selling your shares to other members and buying shares which could yield bigger ROI.

The real world stock market is probably one of the places not everyone has the chance to play with. But at EmpireAvenue, you get to feel the experience of being both a stockbroker and an investor.

Upon signing up, you start off with 10,000 shares at 10.00 Eaves each, the virtual currency used on EmpireAvenue. As a fresh face you need to get generous investors to buy your shares. Your share price increases as more shares are bought by other members.

My first day wasn’t so bad – gained a change of +11.70 at closing time, which translated to a share price of 21.70 at the end of the day.

You need to get noticed so people will invest on you. I was lucky to have sold more than a thousand shares even before I was able to view my newly created profile. Immediately connect all your social network profiles to your EmpireAvenue account. Currently, the following are available:

  • Twitter
  • Personal Facebook account
  • Facebook Page
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Flickr

You can also connect your blogs/RSS feeds to gain additional Eaves bonus (there’s a cap of 250eaves per day per network and blog).

All your social media account activities, including activities on EmpireAvenue are factored in to determine your “value” of influence which is translated into equivalent Eaves bonus to help increase your dividends – a process which is still a “mystery” to me regarding how they calculate it.

To increase your wealth and price, you can also join communities and be active in discussions to get noticed, listed, endorsed, recommended, and ultimately, bought.

Another way is to work out on getting all those Achievements which give out bonus Eaves. Or, you can promote yourself “shamelessly” at the popular “BUY ME” chat bar. Just be creative with your self-ads, and tell people why they should buy your shares. Spamming will only begets trouble, worse, ignored and blocked.

There are still a lot of things I need to know about EmpireAvenue, however, I do hope this will provide you some insights on what EmpireAvenue is all about, and why some people are going nuts with it.

See you there! Start smart investing with me today by clicking here – 🙂 –> Bloggista on EmpireAvenue