courtesy of clipart.comMost of us were taught in school on how to be successful employees. While some may disagree, but especially in the Philippines, our education system is mostly designed to mold and train future members of the workforce.

Others have shown interests in starting a business and a few have chosen to become self-employed. I have chosen this path after more than a year of being employed. I know why only a few chose to go this path, as it needs more than self-confidence and hardwork to stay self-employed for the rest of your life. While the rewards are much better than having a regular 8 to 5 job, the potential to earn and grow bigger is somehow, limited.

The two options mentioned above constitute the choices of the great majority of people. This is well presented by Dr. Robert Kiyosaki in his popular books, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Cashflow Quadrant.

Cashflow QuadrantAccording to Dr. Kiyosaki, being an employee or self-employed are considered to be the easiest ways to earn money, however these options take longer to achieve financial independence – which is also dependent on how much you earn. These two paths occupies the left side of the Cashflow Quadrant (as shown in the image).

The door to financial independence can be found at the right side of the Cashflow Quadrant. At the top-right are business owners, people who collaborate with other people and enjoy bigger earnings but at a higher risk. Lately, I have decided to shift into this side of the quadrant and hope to give me better chance in achieving financial independence. It’s hard, and needs lots of sacrifices, and one has to work on some changes to lifestyle and the way you spend money for some period of time. It needs a thorough process of decision-making but returns are far more promising than being employed or just running things on your own.

The bottom-right side of the Cashflow Quadrant is what only a handful of people chose to go. It’s difficult to go into Investing when you don’t have the resources at your disposal. But it is being brave and being smart that makes Investors separate from the other sides of the Cashflow Quadrant. It is the ability to utilize one’s own money, and other people’s money that make Investors earn more money.

Now, what’s more exciting is being able to work on each of the different sides of the Cashflow Quadrant, not actively, but passively. This is all about making money without the need of putting too much energy and time in what you do. This is what most Online Business Marketers, Network Marketers, Multi-level Marketing (MLM), Affiliate Marketers – whatever you call them, including Make Money Bloggers are trying to achieve.

It’s been tried and tested – there is indeed a promise of better financial independence with Passive Income earning. This is where ideas like multiple income streams were derived. You don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket, as they say. It’s all about being smart, and learning the ways to passive income money making that holds the key.


So whether you are a fresh college graduate, a retired office worker, a full time housewife, a senior company executive, an undergraduate, a car mechanic – or even a bum, there is always an opportunity for everyone. Its all about choices, understanding and careful planning which option you will take, make a career out of it, on what timeframe – and ultimately,  achieve financial independence.

I am learning, and I am making blogging as a vehicle to get access to information about passive income generation and taking smart steps to achieve my personal goals.