“I found this new FULL INTERNET UPGRADE technology that is about to upgrade THE ENTIRE INTERNET to Web 2.0 standards and IT’S FREE! FULL Social Networking functionality on EVERY WEBSITE on the internet with a click of a button.”

This is the “Sales” Pitch of a new internet technology that claims to be able to transform any website into a Web2.0 standard site with full Social Networking functionalities. And it is giving away USD1,000,000.00 to be equally shared by its members who invited at least 2 people to sign-up. As part of exploring ways to make money online, I am sharing this unique program that its members claim to be the Next Big Thing, the Next Google. Well, since there is no need to pay anything, I decided to give it a try.

It claims it is going to change the entire Internet OVERNIGHT. This web-wide solution will go live on 01-July, 2008 and will make every website become a full-feature Social Networking Site, the likes of MySpace, Facebook and YouTube.

Once registered, you can login to your Backoffice which is loaded with tons of tools and features. However, I still could not fully grasp how the system will work, therefore I am inviting you to check it out yourself and register your own Free account. It’s free so doesn’t harm you in anyway (LOL) plus, they are giving away ONE MILLION DOLLARS to spread the word about it – and you can get a share for helping – NO COST!

Check it out!


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