Entrecard You Drop I PropI have long given up dropping 300 entrecards in a day. In fact, I dropped 300 entrecards only thrice since I joined Entrecard last January. On the average, I can only drop 50 entrecards, and for the last 8 weeks, I only managed dropping10 – 20 entrecards per day. Of course I am dropping entrecards to those who dropped on me, then explore a few new Entrecard sites each day.

On the average, I receive 40-70 drops a day. Admittedly, I cannot reciprocate all of those who dropped on me. But how do I return back the favor? Somehow, my Entrecard dropping habit probably contribute to the fact that I am only able to drop so much in a day. Got to admit, I’m a very busy person and blogging is not a priority, and that includes dropping Entrecards.

I follow certain rules for myself, that I think should just be fair and square for everyone. I am sharing this so that you may give me some of your thoughts about them. These are my rules to dropping, my Code of Ethics for Entrecard:

  1. I reciprocate. So the first thing I do is to check my Drop Inbox and start dropping those who dropped on me. I open 15 blogs at once in tabs. But then, as I have said, I may not be able to reciprocate all.
  2. I am making my visit a valid one. After dropping my Entrecard, I click on another internal link of that blog. I don’t know if it helps reducing the site’s bounce rates but it should be. Then I may proceed to another blog after closing the previous blog after it loads the internal link that I clicked. This process takes longer I know, that’s why I can only manage to drop a few entrecards.
  3. I visit new sites. Once I’m done with the 15 blogs, depending on my time, I may open another 15 batch of blogs and do the same process, or, I may go to the Campaigns section, and query for New Sites. I usually select 5 to 10 new sites to check, drop card and at times, buy a slot.
  4. I compensate. On weekends, I check on those sites who dropped on me and for those sites I haven’t reciprocated regularly, I make sure to visit the site, and compensate by leaving comments on interesting posts. Or, if I find a very interesting ad, I click on it too. I am sure you have seen those very inviting ads on your site, but because it is against advertisers’ Terms of Use to click on your own ad, seeing them on another blogger’s blog is a blessing. I have purchased some nice products and e-books, and discovered interesting sites with these ads.

Entrecard Blogs DirectoryFrom time to time, I also visit the Entrecard Blogs Directory I created and find blogs to drop my Entercard from there. It has grown into quite a number of blogs with Entrecard already, so it has become a good site to drop entrecards based on your preferred Blog Category.

Although nobody is compelling me to do this, I just find it right to follow these rules. Hopefully, we can dwell on a community that threads on respect and fairness. It’s a very idealistic view on things, others may find it stupid, but what the heck, its my personal view and I’m not going to ask anyone to do the same.

But if you join me and the others who have followed the same principles, then welcome my friend.