Alexa rippleSome of you might notice a “shakeup” in Alexa’s rank figures lately. After the last major Alexa Rank update, I went from 195,973 to 179,560 since two weeks ago. Yesterday, my Alexa Toolbar and Alexa Rank Widget both gave a bit disappointing numbers – 189,144, a slide of almost 10,000.

But it was something I already expected as traffic to my blog were not as good as last month – perhaps partly because I have only written 2 or 3 posts per week for the last 3 weeks now.

But today, my Alexa Toolbar is displaying a different number as against the Alexa Rank widget. My Alexa Rank today went back to 179,560. The Alexa Site also displays the same rank but my Widget still displays 189,144.

What does this means? Is Alexa going to make another wave of major update soon? Are they going to introduce new changes to their ranking algorithm? Or this ‘erratic” and seemingly conflicting numbers between the Alexa Toolbar and the Alexa Rank Widget normal?


I should have stopped looking at my Alexa Rank already. But I could not help it, everyday, I always see it. Is the Alexa Rank change even worthy to blog about?