Kidney For SaleBetter than make money blogs and affiliate marketing? This post is not the usual make money article, but a call to action for concerned individuals and authorities about the recent “organ trading” in the country.

There is something alarming (and sickening) news lately about certain people giving out their kidneys for a sum of USD125,000.00. What’s more sickening is that the donor himself only gets Php125,000.00 (about USD2,800.00) while the huge chunk goes to the middlemen, the surgeons and the hospitals (and probably some government officials).

More and more foreign nationals are coming to the Philippines in the hopes that they get the needed organ transplant as more and more Filipinos, mostly poor and in need of money, are lured to exchange their body organs for some cash.

There are also quiet a good number of surgeons and hospitals that can successfully perform kidney transplant, at a cheaper price compared to other countries, thus making the Philippines an ideal place for such operations.


Philippine Laws says it is illegal to solicit organ donation by paying the donor. It is also illegal to be involved in the trading and sell of human body organs, unless for “humanitarian” reasons.

The reason behind is simply to avoid taking advantage of people who are in dire need thus driving them to sell their body organs like kidney for money. Its basically like the sex trade or prostitution.

The Government should treat this problem as very critical. And doctors and people who are involved in this trade should be severely punished as this may lead to abuse. The consequences can be scary and worst.

Hope we can call the attention of the Government to take action on this with much urgency to protect every citizen’s rights and protect helpless Filipinos from abuse.

Do you think as bloggers we can do something about it?