Earn Income for Life with GDISince I published a post regarding my GDI Online Business, I have earned a dozen new sign-ups and a few new affiliates under me. But what will really make one earn and take advantage of the GDI business plan?

I am running a series of posts regarding my GDI Online Business with the objective of enlightening those who are interested in taking a shot at this passive money making opportunity. Remember the Cashflow Quadrant of Dr. Robert Kiyosaki? GDI is an excellent addition to a passive income earner’s multiple streams of income, or in ordinary man’s lingo, “multiple ways to generate money all at the same time with a minimum or little effort.

But first, what is GDI? How will you earn?. Here are the quick answers:

GDI (Global Domains Incorporated) is actually a domain reselling business. You got a real product – a domain and hosting package worth USD10.00 per month for life that you can “re-sell” to other people at the same price. You get 10% commission for each sale you or your referrals make and you can be paid via Paypal account.

You get a dot WS (.ws) domain of your choice, e.g. http://negosyo.ws and a host of other features like your own email accounts, a template-driven Website Builder for those who can’t code a website. It has an affiliate dashboard where you get all the tools you need to invite and track referrals, check your downlines, your commissions, get banners you can use to advertise your business and more.


For every every successful referral or “Sale” you made, you earn 10% commission (that’s USD1.00 per month for life or as long as your downline is active) and you are paid up to 5 levels deep – a very generous commission structure you rarely find in other online businesses. Getting paid up to 5 levels deep simply means you get 10% commission on every sale made by your referrals, or by the referrals of your referrals up to 5 levels down. Below is an illustration on the levels of referral and how much you can earn on each level, assuming your goal is to make 5 referrals each.

Get 5 referrals and earn this

So how can you make your GDI Team grow and together earn for life with GDI? More posts coming, check them out. If you happen to be on my team already, be sure not to miss the next posts and let me know your thoughts.