Goal SettingThis is the second part of the post series “The GDI Online Business Game Plan.” This second part will discuss about how to grow your GDI Team. If you missed the first part, go check it out.

So how to ensure your GDI Online Business grow and in turn make every member of your Team make money? It’s actually back to basics to take this online business seriously, and a few more strategies to make your team grow. Let me share you some thoughts:

More than showing the Video.

While it is true that all you need to do is just “show” the short movie presentation to your prospects, in my experience, this is not quite enough. Perhaps because of the difference in the behavior of the market. In the Philippines, there is actually a need to involve at least some personal “touch” if you want to sell something, much more, offering a business to someone.
So I am going to organize some simple “business meetings” and discuss the GDI business over a cup of coffee. If you are interested, check out this blog for update and schedules, or you send out your inquiries using my Contact form.

More than the power of “Duplication” – it’s all about setting up your Goal.

Setting up your Goal is essential to any undertaking, but amazingly, a lot of people have not bothered to do this seriously, including myself. The Goal must be doable, achievable, easy to measure, and time-bound. What does this mean? Take a look at this simple GDI Goal: Get at least 3 people who are serious in getting another 3 people each to work on your GDI Team. And assume that you allocate one month to develop those 3 persons and “duplicate” the same to 3 people each. So you’ll have:

Earn Income for Life with GDI

  • Month 1: USD3.00
  • Month 2: USD9.00 + USD3.00 = USD12.00
  • Month 3: USD27.00 + USD12.00 = USD39.00
  • Month 4: USD81.00 + USD39.00 = USD120.00
  • Month 5: USD243.00 + USD120.00 = USD363.00

Imagine if you are really serious and set your Goal at just 5 people? Here’s the potential income per month:


Get 5 referrals and earn this

It’s not bad monthly earnings, and for over a period of time, you’ll gonna be adding more and more people into your Team thus giving you a sustained growth to your Online Business. This is the reason why GDI Online Business is giving you an “Income For Life” – a true passive income system that you can duplicate a hundred times over.

>>> In my next post: Join my GDI Team and get a chance to earn Cash Bonus paid to you via Paypal.

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