The great white Sharks over at Techjaws posted an article regarding the Landing of Phoenix on Mars lately. Just to make a little fun out of a rather serious, and historic event, I posted a comment over its spectacular photo feature, jokingly asking if the “event” was real and not some super secret place in Nevada and the photo is not from a darkroom in Hollywood. I was also asking if they found some Martian Bloggers.

RT, replied wittingly with an amusing article, I’m not so sure if he made it up or he pulled it out somewhere. This one made me laugh, took the flu out of me for a while. Read on.

Posted in Gorignak by Marzipan on 05/26/2008

“Life on Mars is Boring”

Le Sigh… I’m not sure if that empty crater over there likes me, or if when I go away it’s actually a heavily populated social center full of bacteria and single-celled organisms.

On the bright side, my Martian blog was viewed by two paramecium and some guy from Ohio. I don’t even know what Ohio is. He didn’t comment though, that jerk.

Maybe he’ll friend me on MarsSpace, or SpaceBook. I have to go now, it’s time for me to update my MarsJournal. TTFN. Don’t forget to drop on my Entrecard.

Haha! For a sec I thought I am a Martian Blogger too only getting some visits with both Martians and Earthlings.

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