Previously, we highlighted the three most powerful ways to grow your GDI business: Giving it a “personal touch” aside from just showing your prospects the Video, the power of Duplication and setting up your Goals.

In this post, let’s look at the details of the GDI business, what are the steps to take to start your GDI business, and what you will get upon signing up, how you’ll get paid for commissions and how can you immediately recover your investment.

How to get into the GDI online business.

First off, it is strongly suggested that you watch the whole movie presentation so you’ll have a good understanding of how it works. And try it out for 7 days, it’s free to signup. Currently, you need a credit card if you want to get into the GDI business.

What you will get is dot WS domain (e.g., 100MB of web space, enough bandwidth, 10 email accounts, and a Website Builder that you can use to create your own affiliate website. You can also forward your domain to other Hosting providers if you have one already. Currently, I am working on some Website Templates so you can check out when it’s available so you can have a good looking website. Got to admit, my dot WS domain – being my first ever website needs to be overhauled soon.

Potential Earnings and Recovering your Investment.

GDI PaymentYou earn 10% commission for every successful referral or “sales” you made. Commissions are paid either by Wire, Check or PayPal when it reaches your preferred pay-out amount (minimum is USD10.00). There is also a bonus pool among productive members. If you can bring in at least 5 people every month, you are assured of a USD100.00 bonus and it gets bigger as you bring in more people.

By that alone, recovering your GDI investment would be easier. And if you have other Affiliate Programs, you can use your dot WS domain as an affiliate website – giving you even more ways to earn online. My dot WS domain,, is actually earning from a few affiliate sales. I also put Google AdSense and it is one of my high revenue generating AdSense sites – its earnings are more than enough to cover the GDI USD10.00 per month investment.

Multiple stream, Passive Income.


It’s all about widening your ways to earn money from different sources, at a least effort and least time you need to spend. I don’t believe in auto-pilot income stream, at least you need some little time for it – but just let the system do the work for you “most of the time.” GDI Online Business opportunity is not a pyramid scheme, it’s more of an MLM type of business, with a real product that you can sell. With its superb Affiliate Tools, you are on your way to cash in on this revolutionary online business.