Social SoBeer UpThere is something with beer that brings friends or even strangers together. That smooth, malty flavor and aroma of the hops give a hint of bitter-sweet taste every time you pour that golden brewed, sometimes lighter or even dark “nectar of the gods” down your throat.

This is true for beer enthusiasts – there is always enjoyment with every sip. Its always fun savoring the taste and smell of  that bottle of lager or ale.

It is said that beer is the “ultimate social lubricant” and a beverage that is meant to be fun, enjoyed and celebrate, as Beer Advocates put it. Of course it goes with it being responsible and making sure drinking beer is always a pleasant experience.

That is why there’s no more fitting than driving a major social media event with beer. Several noted social media practitioners and enthusiasts in the Philippines are gathering tonight at MNL Boutique Hostel in Makati for an evening of pleasantries, brain-picking, food and beer!

The event, dubbed Social SoBeer Up is organized by several social media personalities in the country including my good old friend (she’s young and bubbly though), Jonha Revesencio. Sponsors are MNL Boutique Hostel for the venue, for food and booze, and Sun Cellular for giveaways.

Check out the event page on facebook for more details and invites. I have been away from blogging and social media for quite sometime, so this is an exciting opportunity to meet and greet fellow social media enthusiasts in the Philippines.

Alright, going must have something to do with beer as well! See you there!