Joys of BLoggingBlogging close to 5 months now, has come a long way since the first post was published. It may not be as good as what the other Bloggers have achieved with their blogs, but I am contented with this blog’s Google Page Rank, as well as Technorati and Alexa ranks.

Contentment is the key. Of course it doesn’t mean you stop at improving things just because you are contented already. Learning, improvement – these things are continuous and you have to work for it.

Is your blogging giving you Happiness? Learnings? Contentment? Good Sleep? Fulfillment? Or is it giving you Stress? Frustrations? Wariness? Insomnia?

Is your blogging giving you Joy? Or just Disappointments?

Answers to these questions depend on your reasons, or motives, why you choose to blog.

Do you blog because you want to experiment things online? Do you blog because you want to express your thoughts and share it with others and you don’t care if other people read them or agree with you?

Do you blog to impress other people? Do you blog to see if you could make money with it? Do you blog because your friends are blogging too?  Do you blog because it sounds cool being called a blogger?

Are you blogging it easy? Or blogging it seriously. I have learned that in most cases, serious blogging is all about either you want to make money, or establishing authority. I would say serious blogging is what makes blogging complicated. Serious blogging takes lots of hardwork. You work on consistent good contents, good looking blog, SEO and traffic and be ready to be criticized by other people. Serious blogging has its rewards. But you have to be ready to be frustrated and disappointed, and you need to put effort, time and hardwork to succeed, as Joliber spelled out in his post.


Blogging it easy, on the other hand, does not subject you to the things a “serious” blogger have to go through. You don’t need to spend so much time driving more traffic and in most cases, monetization is not your cup of tea. You may still establish authority on certain subjects, but essentially, blogging is not in any way affecting your personal life. You can go over a weekend escape at the beach or the the Ocean Park without thinking if anyone visits your blog, or if anyone left a comment, nasty or nice.

Blogging SignSuccessful bloggers have learned to blog it easy to be recognized as an authority and/or for the money – a goal that wants to achieve. However you want it, the important goal is to be joyful in every thing that you do, that includes blogging. You celebrate each post you published, appreciate each comment you received. Every interaction with other bloggers and your readers each day is a learning experience.

Meeting and interacting with different people from different parts of the world is probably one of the most beautiful experiences blogging has brought to mankind. Each blogger have different traits, but in most cases, have same goals – to express your thoughts, to gain friends, to establish authority and/or make money.

Lastly, as I commented on Joliber’s post,  Blogging comes with great responsibility. It has come to a point that “blogging became such a powerful medium that it can bring up or bring down people, personalities, businesses, countries, religion – even humanity. “

What “joys” has blogging brought you?