Software as a Service, or SaaS is a model where software is rented instead of buying it. Applications are delivered via the internet, accessed using a computer or mobile device with internet connection and a browser or mobile application.

SaaS is software delivered via cloud. It means you don’t need to invest a lot of money to setup your own infrastructure (hardware, data center, IT operations, etc.). You only pay for the software you use with a monthly or yearly subscription.

This simply means you, especially a startup or small time entrepreneur can focus on what you should do best – manage and grow your business, and spend less time if not totally eliminate manually sorting through your inventory records, reconciling items and expenses and make sure your margins are well covered.

Those are precious hours wasted that you would rather have spent on more productive work. It also means less worry about being “technically challenged” and leave the IT and techie stuff to the SaaS provider – after all, all services by the SaaS provider are covered with Service Level Agreements, ensuring you have everything you need as part of your subscription fees.

There is almost a SaaS application to every business need. Purchasing, Inventory Management, Sales, Shipping, Invoicing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting, Manufacturing and Production Systems are good examples. Even setting up online stores is easy with SaaS. In most cases these are tightly integrated applications, eliminating double or triple entries and allow a single source of data, especially when you subscribe to these applications from a single SaaS vendor.

Concerned about data security? SaaS applications from many reputable SaaS providers can secure data much better than most small to medium sized businesses do. There are no physical servers to secure. No threats from on-premise data thieves, no data loss in case of fire, earthquake, floods and other disasters.

Even large multinational corporations entrust their data as most SaaS providers are taking security measures a serious business. I will discuss more details on online data security in my next articles.

The Internet has disrupted the way the world is doing business. Cloud computing, big data and new IT strategies make startups and small companies disrupt and dislodge giant corporations in a very short time. Not able to recognize these trends is a sure formula for failure…

I tell you this – even if your business is already thriving and growing, automating a big part of your business is essential for achieving efficiency and productivity. And we have the internet to thank for – for it has truly revolutionized the computing world, allowing even the smallest startup business to take advantage of using business applications which are easy to use, easy to own, without you spending a lot of money.

Cloud Computing and SaaS