Got this image from @funnyhumour.

Got this image from @funnyhumour.

Sure thing twitter is fun, being able to squirt out whatever that thing or idea inside your brain and share quickly to the world – all in 140 characters or less. The idea is probably derived from the popularity of mobile SMS, and surely, many people get hooked to it.

Twitter is very useful especially for people on the go. You can follow your favorite news topic and quickly get updates on sports, music, gadget and just about anything.

It can also be used as an instant “chatroom”, exchanging ideas and happy moments. I don’t mind if people are doing this, I can always forgive since I do it often with my online friends.

But there are things you cannot forgive – and the next thing you wanna do, is just click the unfollow button.

This is my list of 6 things people do on Twitter that I hate:

6. Too personal for comfort

I may find that tv show you’re watching interesting. Tweets about Justin Bieber’s new pajama pants can be very amusing, but sharing what color your edible underwear is or what you think about your partner’s butt is a bit disgusting.

5. Steal-a-Tweet

Yo, “quote” retweeting is cool, just make sure you’re not omitting the “RT.” You may find a tweet very funny and popular, but don’t be so foolish to tweet it as your own. While your unsuspecting friends find your tweet “witty”, to the rest of the twitterverse, you’re stupid.

4. Abrv8 ds & dat

sUmtyMs ur tWt cn b vrY nT3r3st1ng bt dnt twT 8 ds w4y. JsT Hw mNy of u fNd tw8s LyK ds fuN 2 r3ad? jeje 🙂 Well you know what I mean. LoL!

3. Hashtag maniac

#Two or #three #hasthtags on a tweet are tolerable. #But #beyond that #can be #very #annoying that the #only #thing I can #clearly read is the #unfollow #button. Got it?

2. Follow auto-thank-you’s

I know you appreciate it a lot when I followed you, despite having 85,000 followers already. That’s amazing! But sending me an automatically-generated “thanks for the follow” message is very disappointing, especially if it includes a link and instructs me to download or subscribe to whatever you are trying to promote. I wish there’s an auto-unfollow button as well.

1. Check this out DMs

… “Hey bloggista, have you seen this person talking bad about you? Here’s the link –> some spammy sites here…”

… “Do you want to make money online and on twitter? Download my ebook –> link to an affiliate site…”

… “Do you want thousands of followers or want to reach out to my hundreds of thousands of followers?” (you wonder how since the guy has only 5 followers!).

I always look watch out for direct messages, because these are personal messages and people can reach out to you with a useful or informative messages. So don’t send me spam messages – because there’s a reason why Twitter put an “unfollow” button, and a “report @user for spam.”

How to report spam on Twitter?

  • Visit the spam account’s profile.
  • Click the person icon. A drop-down actions menu will be displayed.
  • Click on Report @username for spam.

Twitter is a great social media tool. It has helped in eliminating boundaries in communicating globally. It has connected people with different cultures, race, educational attainments and even people with different beliefs and religions.

We just have to be responsible, but since we can’t force all people to conform to such “fair twitter behavior“, there’s always that “unfollow” button.

bloggista-twitterFollow me on twitter – @bloggista. Promise I won’t do things that make you hate me. Cheers!