With the advent of the information technology the concept of work place has changed a lot. Working from home is becoming increasingly popular because of the upcoming advances in technology. Today people can work from home and even earn the same as any office going person can.

This is possible because of teleworking or telecommuting that bridges the physical distance with the help of telecommunication devices. It allows people to work from any remote location of their choice and eliminates the need to travel to various places for official work. Telecommuting offers numerous benefits to an employee as well as employer.

Are you spending hours every week traveling to and from work? Stuck like forever in EDSA? Are you spending too much time away from your kids? Then you might want to try out a telecommuting job – or maybe your Boss can assess and see which jobs can be done at home.

Telecommuting simply refers to doing a job or working from your home using your computer. If you happen to have a computer at home as well as an email connection, you can have a telecommuting job.

Some of the benefits of telecommuting include:

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