10 benefits of telecommuting or working from home include:

  1. Reducing your time away from home. If a job can be done without committing to spend time in the office, you better do it at home. In many cases, it is best to spend time working at the job from home rather than traveling to the job.
  2. It helps in the reduction of overhead expenses like electricity, air-conditioning/heating and car parking facilities.
  3. Working from home helps the environment by reducing traffic congestion, air pollution and gasoline use. This means, avoiding getting stuck in EDSA or C5 and better spend extra hours to complete your work.
  4. With telecommuting jobs, you can do the job at the time that suits you. You may not start until you have left the children at school; you may stop when they come home, but are then able to carry on working when the kids are in bed. Telecommuting jobs provide endless flexibility – as long as work deadlines and committed quality are met.
  5. Improved employee productivity because of the absence of office interruptions. A person can work at home at unconventional hours which provide better employee satisfaction. Furthermore, it also boosts employee’s morale and maintains a work-life balance.
  6. Working from home has also reduced the office overheads as businesses can expand widely and take on more staff without the need of additional office space.
  7. Telecommuting has led to better health of employees due to less stress. This means employees who opt or are given the flexibility to work at home fall ill less and take fewer sick leaves in contrast to the office workers.
  8. Telecommuting jobs also offers more flexibility as a person can work as per to his desire. Moreover a person can give more time to his family.
  9. Telecommuting has led to the growth in the outsourcing of business. Nowadays global companies are hiring telecommuters around the world to meet their service needs in different time zones.
  10. Telecommuting has also led to an increased competition between businesses. This competition brings better customer satisfaction as customer’s needs are anticipated quickly and effectively.

These are few among the many benefits working at home can offer. The best part of this telecommuting is that anyone can actually do it. And with the rate at which the world is advancing in terms of connectivity, the world of telecommuting is gradually gaining pace and more people are getting involved on daily basis.