Among the many things your new business needs to consider is to get a nice office in a prime location equipped with those fancy furniture, fixtures and high-speed internet connections. Then, you would consider premium meeting rooms complete with high-end stuff like expensive tables, comfortable chairs, big TV screens and the brightest LED projectors.

Then you start thinking about office security, reliable maintenance and facilities management, uninterrupted power not to mention friendly and efficient reception staff and – yeah, free-flowing coffee!

Such idea of a premium office setup is an envy not only to startup but also to those who have been operating their businesses for a while. In most cases, luxurious offices are only for the big boys and are very expensive to setup and maintain.

Well, not anymore!

Introducing Compass Offices, a premier serviced office solution provider in the Philippines. Serviced offices are not new, but Compass Offices redefined “premium” and “luxury” serviced offices to a whole new level, without necessarily drying out your pockets.

This was what I had in mind when one day in late December 2016, I was invited by Compass Offices to try out for one whole day any of their two serviced office locations – one at the 16th floor of Tower 6789 in Makati, and another at BGC Corporate in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. I preferred the latter as I hate the Makati traffic.

They reserved the main conference room for my whole day exclusive use – a huge executive board room with really comfy chairs, premium large wooden table complete with power outlets, high-speed internet cables and ports to connect to the expensive LED projector.

As the board room would fit 12-15 people, I decided to call some of my friends who happened to have just started their tech business “Cloudgility” so they could try it as well. They came and I let them do their business while I went on with my usual routine. For a moment, it felt like I was a CEO of a profitable business empire meeting people in such premium and luxurious board room!

The spacious Board Room equipped with latest tools and tech to run your business.

The experience didn’t disappoint. Starting with the location – I was surprised when Waze announced I just arrived at my destination. The BGC Corporate Center at 30th street corner 11th Avenue in BGC is very accessible, and more importantly, parking space is a-plenty just beside the well maintained building.

Going up using the elevator was stress free – with no queues that you normally experience in many office buildings in Metro Manila. At the 24th floor, I was greeted by two very pleasant looking ladies at the reception. I introduced myself, and they told me they were expecting me! Cool eh?

One of the ladies led me to an adjacent huge room – the board room. She swiped a security key card to open the door and let me in. While I was selecting the best seat, the other lady came and asked if she can get me anything, so I requested for water and coffee.

As I had scheduled virtual meetings with my clients from different parts of the world that day, I opened my laptop and connected to their secured internet gateway with ease. The series of meetings over Skype for business went well, with no connection glitches during the span of 4-5 hours which included sharing of powerpoint slides to different folks from Australia, India, Thailand and UK.

With my friends having their own meeting, I roamed around to check the rest of the place. I couldn’t help but notice the excellent lighting, the neat tables, and the clean toilets. There’s only one downside – they don’t have bidets! I told the staff and hope they do something about it.

On their services, I learned that aside from board rooms and dedicated rooms, Compass Offices also offers its clients shared workspaces – best for individuals needing a place to stay for a few minutes to take urgent business calls and meetings. There are no long-term commitments, simply book in advance for single or multiple persons use, and pay for every 15-minutes usage.

In summary — “as the fastest-growing premium serviced offices in Asia, Compass Offices is setting a new direction in the industry by providing superior customer service, a high-tech IT infrastructure, and a collaborative transparent approach to business.

With access to state-of-the-art IT and high-quality business centers in prime locations, Compass can help companies of any size operate on a large scale without the upfront costs and investments required to go it alone. They are able to customise our services to accommodate the needs of both larger clients from the corporate world or smaller independent start-up businesses.”

Some photos I took that day.

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