Early this year, I started collaborating with talented artists who use trash and junk as media to create beautiful art, thus Junk Art Philippines was born. With such limited resources and funding, I created the website www.thejunkart.com and its Facebook page just to help gain some “inexpensive” exposure.

Then a big break came when History Channel contacted me and invited Junk Art Philippines to display our works at the HistoryCon 2017 event last August 10-13. Its when people started to really notice the unique creativity of the junk artists, who have been struggling to be recognized despite having the great talents.

Junk artist Thomas Papa has been transforming junk metals and scrap wires into sculptures and artistic stuff for years. When I saw what he was doing, I knew his unique talents would grab the attention of many people, if only given the chance to show what he got.

Similarly, Jessica Lopez from Pangasinan “discovered” that bangus fish bones can be turned into beautiful art, and after several tries, almost perfected the craft and has been creating great stuff, thus earning the moniker “Lady Fishbone.”

The HistoryCon 2017 break has paved way to many exposures, including several local and national TV program interviews and features. The History Channel feature of Lady Fishbone has already reached more than 1 million views.

The “driving” vision when starting Junk Art Philippines is to provide talented artists with unique ideas a venue to showcase their masterpieces. With the “care for the environment” in mind, we wanted to create beautiful art pieces from trash, wastes and junk.

Our next major plan is to have our own gallery, where we can display our junk arts and allow people to have a closer look, and maybe inspire others to be creative and start transforming scrap themselves. However, such plan, including teaching street kids can only be achieved if we are able to get good funding, thus, from time to time, we hold exhibits partnering with benefactors who would allow us to display our junk arts at their venue at no cost.

First of many exhibits to come is the Junk Art Exhibit hosted by M&J Gastropub and Grill in Marikina. From November 25 to December 8, 2017, bar patrons will have a closer look at our masterpieces which are on display inside the air-conditioned, premier pub along Gil Fernando Avenue.

Customers and art connoisseurs will also have the chance to meet and talk to our junk artists, and purchase art pieces they like.

Come and visit us. And if you have old stuff, don’t throw it away. Bring it and let our junk artists transform it into something great.