The 2008 NBA FinalsMuch has been said regarding the outcome of the 2008 NBA Finals. NBA fans are expressing support and declared fearless forecasts on who will eventually bring home the Championship. One such interesting post is from Cuzzy over at – which tallies how many people are voting for the LA Lakers or the Boston Celtics to win the 2008 NBA Championship.

What are the odds? Here are some interesting facts on the 2008 NBA Finals:

  • The Lakers and The Celtics are the two most successful teams in NBA history.
  • Boston Celtics holds the most NBA Championship – 16 as compared to Los Angeles Lakers’ 14.
  • The last time these two teams battle it out in the NBA Finals was 21 years ago, in the 1987 NBA Finals.
  • The Celtics have home court advantage over the Lakers’ during the 2007-2008 NBA Season: They have home wins record 66-16 vs. Lakers’ 57-25.
  • Boston Celtics have a record all-time of 8-2 against the LA Lakers in the NBA Finals.
  • LA Lakers have defeated Boston Celtics in their last 2 NBA Finals (1985, 1987).
  • Both teams are the Top Seeded teams in their respective Divisions.
  • Both teams are hungry for Championship. Perhaps, the Celtics are even more hungrier.

So for those folks who are looking forward to bet on the 2008 NBA Finals and make some money, these are some of the facts that will probably help. LOL.

My guess? (hahaha, I have some phobia using the word “fearless forecast” already) – though I am not a huge fan, it’s the Lakers in 6.

What’s yours?


To see the 2008 NBA Finals Champion prediction voting results, check this out.

Update: 2008 NBA Finals Game Results

Game 1 Result: Celtics (98) – Lakers (88)

Game 2 Result: Celtics (108) – Lakers (102)

Game 3 Result: Lakers (87) – Celtics (81)

Game 4 Result: Lakers (91) – Celtics (97)

Game 5 Result: Lakers (103) – Celtics (98)

Game 6 Result: Celtics (131) – Lakers (92)

Post Update: 2008 NBA Finals Champion

Celtics captured its 17th NBA Championship with a bang.

NBA Finals 2008 Game 6 results