Since the Philippines Supreme Court has ruled that the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is constitutional, on most of its provisions, including the ability  for individuals to file a libel case on persons who “originally” posted not so nice things about them online, let’s look at how this law impacts every Pinoy who are hooked to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Its best to present the Cybercrime Law’s Pros and Cons, first we start with the Pros:

  1. You can now sue anyone who posted “libelous” items against you online. Penalty is actually more severe than common libel cases, with imprisonment of 12 years compared to just 6 years in the Revised Penal Code. Now this favors ultra sensitive actors and actresses, careless politicians and “interesting” public figures.
  2. The Department of Justice can now block access to sites believed to be violating the provisions of the Cybercrime Law, probably this includes chismis sites and facebook?  :smiley:
  3. If somebody is using your name or business name as their registered domain, they can now be charged for cybersquatting. So, I think this makes owner an illegal settler, wrong?
  4. DOJ can now legally prosecute anyone using your personal and credit card information for their own benefits – now I wonder how effective they can be in going after offenders. I reported a case of a friend a few months back, nothing happened.
  5. People who have been identified to aid or “abet” vague activities like illegal access, illegal interception, data interference, system interference, misuse of devices – they can now be penalized.
  6. You are now protected against online bashing, Madam Sharon Cuneta can now take a breather and no more poking fun at PNoy’s thinning hairline or increasing forehead – however you look at it. And most of all, pigs can now hold up their pride for not being associated with a Senator or Congressman.
  7. I can go on and on, but I’ll stop here to give way for the Cons.

And the Cons…

… I know roses are red, and violets are blue. #nonLibelous

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