This is a guest post by Callie Payne, the smartphone expert at PricePanda. She offers you her analysis of the smartphone market in the Philippines. She is going to give you some advices to help you to choose the best smartphone according to your needs.

The Philippines: a country going smartphone crazy. With a record reaching 75% increase in mobile shipments, the country is leading smartphone adoption in Asia. How can this be explained? By the aggressively low prices of local Filipino brands providing customers what they want: affordable smartphones.

With a staggering 85% of Filipinos saying that they would rather choose homegrown brands than imported, global conglomerates like Samsung stand to lose out in the market, despite their efforts to match prices and expectations. Brands like Myphone and Cherry Mobile are producing $150 smartphones at a quarter of the price, bringing the middle range right down to budget prices.

Now the market is booming, as people are finally setting aside their standard feature phones and reaching instead for dual-sim camera phones with 24 hour 3G connectivity. PricePanda expert Callie Payne, analyzes and compares the most popular devices in the following blog post and takes a look at the brands and smartphones that have been rocking the Filipino landscape.

Cherry Mobile: Best for Budget

The brand most loved in the Philippines for its extreme cheap pricing. Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean that they skimp on social responsibility either. Not only do they provide great customer service to their customers, they are also involved in local charitable initiatives including Operation Pap Smear and are involved in dying river restoration.

This means that you can rest easy when you choose Cherry for their low pricing! Cherry mobile also were the first company to introduce triple-sim, meaning that you get triple value for your money. The Omega, Touch and Flare series are their most well liked lines, avoid some of their lesser known mobiles as being cheap comes with a price: unreliability. Stick with what other people know and love, we recommend the Cherry Mobile Omega HD.

MyPhone: Best for Balance

MyPhone are especially beloved because of their excellent customer service, and offer a low to mid range selection of mobiles. We recommend the Myphone Agua IceBerg mini, a small sized device which packs very respectable punch in the specs department.

It has a 13MP camera, better than some flagships, and a 1.5 Ghz Quad-Core processor: this is no budget handset (though the price range might indicate otherwise). It loses points in the non-expandable storage space, but its a phone that balances price with quality.

Star Mobile: Best for Power

Star Mobile are the local brand to turn to if you want something with a little more icing on the cake. Their devices are higher tech with, a slightly higher price tag, but devoted fans say its worth it (especially since it is still so cheap!). We recommend the StarMobile Octa, their most feature packed smartphone with a powerful 1.7 GHz mediatek octa core processor.

OnePlus: Best for Guest

While OnePlus is a Chinese brand, it deserves a mention here because of the anomalous popularity of the OnePlus One in the Filipino market. Known as the “flagship killer” this powerful device offers fierce competition to Samsung and Apple’s domination yet over priced lines.

So, while the market largely prefers homegrown mobiles, the OnePlus testifies to the success of offering exactly what is needed: high quality products at a dramatically slashed price tag and a “never settle” philosophy. The smartphones exceeds expectations with an enormous 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and a stunning 13MP camera. While, of course, all of these top of the range features come with a higher price tag, it is still cheap enough to undermine its big brand equivalents.


Filipinos know what they want, and finally everyone is rushing to give it to them. “Never settle” is a philosophy that can be directly applied to this patient, burgeoning market who are driving prices down and quality up. While the preference is for home grown, local brands, it is not so much a question of nationalism as it is knowing your own market.

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