EggnogsThere has been quite a number of Filipino Blogger Groups organized and perhaps most of these groups are doing well. But unfortunately, I have not encountered a group that meets regularly, discussing group plans, hosting activities in the community among other things that a group can do. Maybe there were groups that do just that but I’m so new I may have not heard of them, or haven’t invited yet, or do not qualify at all to be a member.

Which is why, along with another “visionary” blogger, Joliber over at, we are organizing a new group of bloggers who shares the same visions, enthusiasm and passion at making blogging a way to reach out to other people (not just bloggers), taking advantage of the skills each blogger have, to achieve certain objectives that the group will advocate.

Why organizing a new group?

We need a group that encompasses bloggers from all walks of life. Everyone can be a member (even if you’re not a Filipino – as long as you’re willing to make some sponsorship on the group’s outreach activities – LOL). Seriously, doesn’t matter if you blog on Blogger or WordPress, pro or newbie, blogging in English, Tagalog, or any other dialect – you are welcome as member. Membership will be divided into two categories:

  • Locals for bloggers within Metro Manila and nearby areas who can regularly attend group activities and programs.
  • Patrons for bloggers who are outside Metro Manila or outside the Philippines but still you want to participate on the group’s advocacies.

Even if you are already a member of another Blogger Group, you are most welcomed to join.

Advocacies? Objectives?

Missed ArrowWe will be working on numerous projects that will help each member of the group in honing their blogging skills, as well as in generating revenues. We will sponsor workshops and blogging awareness campaigns. We will engage in community outreach programs, and sponsor events in schools and places where we can share our talents, skills, resources and time. These are lofty ideals, but when we all work together, we can make a simple difference in other peoples lives.

As I always say, there is power in number. A carefully organized group with doable objectives, passionate members and strong leadership with clear vision is most likely to succeed. Imagine what we can do with all the opportunities online for each blogger when we join forces and do something truly nice in our community?

First step?

Happy EggnogsWe invite bloggers who will join us in forming the Core Group. This Group shall define the Group’s objectives and advocacies and in coming up with list of activities, projects and other relevant events.

Full details will be discussed on Friday, 13th of June at a dinner hosted by me and Joliber. Time and venue will be communicated to those who are interested in joining. You may use the contact form to express your interest, or you can leave a comment on this blog or at if want to join us. We intend to limit the number to around 10 people, so confirm your attendance early.

See you then.