This is probably one of the most blogged topic – making money online. So I am adding a new one to its statistics.

Everywhere you go online, you see those banner and text ads telling people how much they have earned online and for some amount, you can buy their secrets in making money online.

But – Is It Really Possible To Earn Money Online? The answer is a YES, and a NO. Yes, anyone can make money online, and No, it is not as easy as what people tell you. And it takes a lot of hardwork, open-mindedness and common sense to know that anyone can earn money online with only a few dollar investments.


They are everywhere. These people are like predators, looking for mostly willing and uninformed preys. Most scammed people are partly guilty of the crime. It is the desire to earn money “easily” that drawn people to “scammers”. And I don’t have to elaborate why – I was also scammed before.

Ways to Earn Money Online

There are many ways to earn money online. And lots of people are coming up with so many new ideas everyday. But as a rule of thumb – the easier it seems to earn “big” money, the big chance it is probably a scam. Remember there is no shortcut to money making – just as in real world business, you have to sweat it out and do some ground work. While “Passive Income” earning is possible, it won’t happen overnight, not even weeks.

Some of the ways to earn money online are (most of which are FREE to join and includes Sign-up Bonuses ranging from USD5.00 – USD100.00):

  • Making a good website or blog.
  • Surveys, PTR and PTC Programs. While its true of these programs are just scams, there are a few which are really paying “real” money. However, most are really time consuming and the earnings are small. An example is MLP (Money List Profits) – a collection of PTR (Pay to Read) email programs in one package.
  • Online Business and Affiliate Marketing. By far, the best way to earn money online is through Online Business and Affiliate Marketing. Its all about selling great products of other people and earn commission for each sale. Earnings can be very generous and the potential to earn is unlimited. Some of these programs include SFI Affiliate Marketing, Global Domains International (GDI) and More Niche.
  • Turnkey Business, PLR and Knowledge products. These programs allow you to create your own money-generating websites, or re-sell some popular and best-selling e-Books and online business tools for profit.

There are also Online Marketplaces that allows you to sell products and services and manage your earnings in just one account. Just make sure you have your Paypal account to receive your earnings, as most of these programs are also using Paypal. The following screenshot is an example of Paypal payments to you from different Income Streams.

Paypal payments


There are more money making opportunities online out there, but again, careful evaluation and research should be done prior to joining. It is also important that you inquire from people you know who are into these activities and get some tips from them. While you may earn by doing it alone, but collaborating with others will give the most returns.

So you’d be asking again, “Is making money online possible?” One way to find out is to try one. Are you ready?

If you answer YES, let me propose to you a simple experiment. Why not get your own domain to start with (although not necessary, but having your own website gives you more opportunities to earn), and if you require, me and my team can help you set up your website by installing a WordPress blog on it, just like this site – and the first year domain and hosting cost is ON US! No kidding!

You can also get in our GDI Team and we will pay you to join. That’s simple. No risk to you!

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