Everyone who’s into Passive Income business is probably familiar with the Story of the Pipeline, starring Pablo and Bruno. I too learned about this great and inspiring story when at one time, I got into an awesome group that are educating people about passive income earning and are really doing well with the business. There I saw lots people from all walks of life – even my previous ‘Bosses’ and colleagues. And it was during these times that my eyes were opened to the reality that there is really indeed a way to earn income “passively.”

Well this post is not about this group (however, if you are interested, I can introduce you to this “offline” program as well). This is about a story of two friends from a village that dreamt of making it big someday. This story made me realize what to do with my life from there on.

The story is about the two men hired and paid to get water from the spring, in other story variation, from a river. They were paid per bucket of water they brought to the village. It was an opportunity the two friends were waiting for. Finally, they have a way to earn money and hoped to achieve their dreams with their earnings. So everyday, they go to the water source and back to the village several times carrying buckets of water. At the end of the day, Bruno was happy as he already have money to spend. Pablo is somewhat not satisfied as his back ached, and his hands blistered for carrying the buckets of water. He thought of a “better way” of bringing water into the village – thus he thought of building a “pipeline” so water can flow into the village.

This idea was shared to Bruno but was quick to object. “Pipeline? Who heard of a pipeline? We are earning a dollar a day. By end of week we can buy a pair of shoes. By end of the month a new hut, and by end of 6 months, we can pay for a vacation“, Bruno told Pablo. “So pipeline? Get out of here!

Pablo believing in his dream, went ahead and started building his pipeline. Every day, part of it he carried buckets of water to the village, and half of it he spent to work on his pipeline. He even worked on weekends, and slowly, laid his pipeline. He knew his income will not improve, and that digging through hard soil and rock is difficult, and that completing his pipeline will take him two years or more.

“Tomorrow’s dreams are built from today’s sacrifices.” He said to himself. “Short term pain, equals long term gain” he thought as people including Bruno were laughing at him and calling him the “Pipeline Man”. For months, Bruno earned lots of money he was able to buy his cow, his new hut and some nice shoes and clothes. He went to bars to celebrate while Pablo is still working on his pipeline, and got nothing much to show.

For almost a year, Pablo was halfway complete but now it took him only half as far to walk and carry buckets back to the village. His income slowly improved, but not as much as Bruno’s, who by this time, was actually carrying smaller or less buckets of water. Bruno’s shoulders stooped and his posture began to drop and hunched. He watched as Pablo continued on building his pipeline until finally, after two years, water flowed into the village in his pipeline.

Pablo was happy, as he can now stop from carrying buckets into the village. He was earning, even in his sleep. People started to admire him. Bruno on the other hand, was carrying less and less buckets, and made fewer and fewer trips each day. His hands were bruised, he was angry and sullen. He was doomed to carry buckets for the rest of his life, he surmised. As he passed by the village, he heard people calling him Bruno “the Bucketman”. His body became too exhausted day after day.

Eventually, Pablo was able to convince Bruno that it was not too late for him to join him. So the two went around and taught other villages to build their own pipeline as well. Some joined them and learned from them, others didn’t bother to listen at all.

If you want to know the full story, the following are links to a YouTube video and a website (two story variations) that you can check out. Before you go, should you find the story interesting – and want to learn how to join the pipeline that we are currently building, check back in and hit the Comment button and/or Contact Form.

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The Pablo and Bruno Story – audio with some cartoon illustrations.

The Pablo and Bruno Video (YouTube) – video probably came from Network21.