bloggista-7yearsIt all began in January 2008, when this domain was registered (January 8th, Manila time to be exact). I thought the domain name was cool, after all, my purpose for getting this domain was to blog.

And indeed – I started blogging; a newbie, wannabe blogger. The mindset then was to blog to make money online, thus I adopted my first blog slogan, “a newbie blogger’s journey towards making money online.” A silly, funny slogan indeed.

And then I started making some money online, probably because it was quite easier to make money from blogging then. Being a poor writer did not stop me from blogging and connecting with other bloggers, who were far more superior writers.

It was through this blogger network from around the world that I got to know stuff like getting paid for reviews, making money with affiliate programs, and making more money through search engine optimization and even hijacking google search terms and top keywords.

I started getting 100usd per review article, sometimes even paid 500usd for crappy articles published on this site. Adsense revenues were just as crazy. Those days were insane, just as today’s rate of 3-5USD per article on the average. That’s probably why I have stopped blogging for quite a while.

Then there were several blogging contests. Once I won a Wii – the second prize of Infolink’s global writing contest. It was fun indeed.

So after 7 years, what has changed? Almost none, and a lot.

I am still the newbie, wannabe blogger, still dreaming of having the blogging skills of the likes of Thirdworldgeek, Ceblogger, Jonharules, Elmot, Roy, Jan Geronimo, Doc Z, Michael Aulia among others I met through blogging.

On the other hand, from a single domain, it has now grown to close to a hundred; from shared hosting now to a few semi-dedicated and dedicated servers.

From a simple personal blogging site to a few business sites; from a blogger network to a good network of business associates and partners.

I do hope, that the one thing I am passionate about will remain the same – that this wannabe blogger would still be “itching” to make money online. Perhaps time to plan the next seven-years roadmap.

By the way, stay tuned for next posts on information regarding’s 7-years grand giveaways. Cheers!