cloud-driveToday, many people find themselves having to look at three devices or more as they work with various files at work and at home. Many are thinking of cloud storage to make sure all their files are accessible – regardless of location or device and most of them need a quick cloud drive review to see what things will really be like when they sign up.

Cloud Drive Features

Taken collectively, cloud drives have many features that not all providers will incorporate as part of their storage service. Some providers even offer easy migration to SSD without the need to reinstall Windows. It is important to know what all these features are and to pick the ones that are important to you. That way, you can take note of which service providers include the features you want and you will get exactly what you need when you enter into an agreement. This quick scan of six service features may help you choose the right server.

  1. Storage space. Look at what the top ten providers offer in terms of space and how much they charge per GB per year after the free space they usually provide. Most providers allow you to open an account for 2GBup to 5GBof free space. The idea is that after you have filled up the free space you will subscribe for bigger storage and it is for this that they charge you. Take note that if you purchase music, books or other things online, it is highly possible that you already have an account with free space waiting for you. It might be a good idea to try your free account just to see how things work.
  1. Download time. Many people who use cloud storage complain that it takes an absurdly long time to download large files. Look at the files you will be storing and managing and see how large the files will be. Then, take the names of the top five (or ten) providers and do a little research on their download time for large files.
  1. Encryption. Encryption is the key to privacy when using cloud storage. The only way your data will be safe is for the service provider to encrypt everything in transit and in storage. You will know that this is being done by asking, of course, and by looking at the URL in your browser. The address should read “https://” or should have the symbol of a padlock.
  1. Access. One of the reasons you want to use cloud storage is so you can access your data wherever you are. One of the things you need to find out is how easy access is going to be with each potential provider in terms of the devices you use. Find out which providers have apps that will work with your PC, your Mac, your iPad, iPhone, Android or whatever devices you use.
  1. Backup. It’s important to note if the cloud storage provider can safely backup your files or at least offers the best free backup and recovery software. If it is important to you to be able to access data while offline, find out how this works with the providers you have in mind. In your cloud drive review, try to determine which providers will cache documents in your system and how you can determine which documents are to be made available even while you are offline.